25 April 2012

Hundred million here...

...hundred million there... pretty soon you're talkin' serious change...

I have a friend who is a member of what, these days, is fashionably known as the "working poor". He got downsized from a mid-level managerial position at a major American corporation, lost his house to the bank and had to flee back home to Canada... where he watched his marriage Hindenburg.

How bad is it? Well, his call center McJob pays a shade more than minimum wage, so he just sublet the extra bedroom in his apartment to a co-worker & his girlfriend... because he was tired of choosing between eating & making the rent.

Oh yeah... he recently lost a cap off a front tooth... which he can't afford to fix, so right now he looks like a hillbilly from an old Walker Evans photo.

Try imagine how he feels about government handouts to refugees, or third generation welfare chiselers.

-- OTTAWA -- "The federal government is rolling back a number of health benefits currently available to asylum claimants because if Canadians don’t get free eye and dental care, neither should refugees, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said Wednesday."

"The move is expected to save about $100 million over five years and Kenney hopes it will deter bogus claimants from abusing Canada’s generosity."
The Harper government just locked in another life-long voter.

Can they do more? Hell, yes. As long as there's a single hungry child left here in Canada... let's talk about the billions of taxpayer dollars we're doling out to third world oligarchies.

Or how about those gold-plated Parliamentary pensions. How about government responsibility? Maybe start by firing Bev Oda... that's get MP's attention.


Anonymous said...

Great post as usual,, couldn't agree with you more,,,, made me look up walter evans though.. lol

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to donate $200 through your site to help out your friend. Maybe a friendly dentist could help out and/or other readers could pitch in. Logistics? I know caps and dental time don't come cheap.

Brian said...

"...Can they do more? ..."

Yes ! Use the Not-Withstanding section of The Charter to revoke the Singh decision , made by our intellectual superiors in the Supreme Court which gives full Charter rights to any criminal , terrorist ,deadbeat or asylum seeker who puts foot in Canada's door ... and then uses the Charter to avoid deportation.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... made me look up walter evans"

uh... that's 'walker' evans... not sure who you found.


Alberta Girl said...

Of all the calls for *firings* made by the left media & oppos., I agree with the Bev Oda call.

Read somewhere she used to be at CBC which would likely explain her sense of entitlement.

Lets hope she is shuffled to a back bench somewhere.

CJ said...

"...let's talk about the billions of taxpayer dollars we're doling out to third world oligarchies."

Good point. I believe the feds are still spending approximately $5 billion on "foreign aid", a lot of which is the CIDA budget. This probably the largest single no-brainer budget cut available.