10 April 2012

What's new about...

new black panthers... a lot like the old...Well, I guess they got over that whole wallflower thing.


UPDATE: Tonight's CTV Moonbat moment

Sandi Rinaldo on the 11 o'clock news remarks on George Zimmerman's reported disappearance... notes that the Black Panther Party have a reward "for his capture."

Read slower, Sandi... the Panthers have actually offered to take him "Dead or Alive."


LAST WORD: Putting the "pro"...

...in professional journalism.


Anonymous said...

Ya know everytime I see this thugs face, I realize this is the face of Obama

Anonymous said...

We in Canada should open the door to these black panther types considering that we allow immigrants and refugees from countries that openly support and sponsor terrorism. Really! Cause I bet after we show these black panthers some good ’ol Canadian liberal loving they would be just fine. Eg: the Toronto 18, omar khadr, Air Indian bombing perpetrated out of Vancouver and over 40 active terrorists groups in operation in Canada (according to Terror expert David Harris).

So I see no issue with allowing them to come to Canada and make a life for themselves and earn a living in our booming economy!

Neo Conservative said...

if george zimmerman turns up dead, will the msm acknowledge their responsibility for continually pumping up this one-sided media tsunami?