19 April 2012

Ask a Professional Journalist

That evil controlling Stephen Harper will be indiscriminately throwing up prisons all across the... wait a minute...

Uh, geez... there's just one tiny, insignificant correction...
funny how that works

The Harper government is shuttering the Kingston Penitentiary, a maximum security facility in eastern Ontario that has housed some of Canada's most notorious criminals.

It’s also closing down the medium-security Leclerc Institution in Laval, Que.

The budget contained a line that said: “The government has not built a single new prison since 2006 and has no intention of building any new prisons.”
If anything, it's the Liberals who are driving the need for more prison beds.


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Dateline TORONTO: Organised "death squads" in your streets...

Poor Peter Lumanglas... thank goodness CBC was there to speak for him... this unfortunate victim was...
"pulled over by Const. Jeff Blair on Sunday evening, leading to an interaction".
I mean, the nerve of those traffic cops... pulling people over... no wonder folks get, you know... a little stabby.

And it gets worse... the clear implication here is that this was simply another police frame job...
His girlfriend, Krystle Magallanes, told CBC News that Lumanglas had kicked a drug addiction and had been trying to turn his life around for herself and their four-month-old son.

Magallanes said her boyfriend “has a big heart” and said he “would never, ever stab a cop."
There you have it... right from the horse's ass.

And you just have to love that headline... "Man shot after Toronto traffic stop was ex-con"... clearly implying that he was shot simply for being "in the system."

What was wrong with... "Man shot after Toronto police officer stabbed in neck?"

Funny how the CBC didn't manage to get word one from the family of Constable Jeff Blair.

Nope... no agenda here.


UPDATE: Live by the stupid...

...well, you know...
• TORONTO • "Peter Lumanglas, 38, the man who stabbed police Toronto Const. Jeff Blair in the neck before being shot during a routine traffic stop has died."


maryT said...

And I was hoping that Kingston is where Khdar would spend his final days.

Neo Conservative said...

mary, that's so cute... you actually thought khadr was gonna do hard time when he returned to canada...

-- OTTAWA -- Omar Khadr would likely never face conviction in Canada even if there was a way to charge him with an offence under Canadian law, legal experts who advocate his repatriation acknowledge.

University of British Columbia law professor Michael Byers, a noted international law expert and would-be federal NDP candidate, is one of many who want the Toronto-born Khadr released from the U.S. military prison in Cuba.

truth is... he'll be out and touring the starbucks celebrity lecture circle before you can say homicidal terrorist.


maryT said...

Notice I said, hoping. I know he will be free as a bird in a year or so. I do hope he is put on a no fly list so he can never leave his home country again, unless it it back to his terrorist ties. And then not allowed back in.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but isn't Kingston represented by a Liberal, so this will be portrayed as revenge.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if it is portrayed as revenge. The Lieberals closed CFB Calgary where there were no Lieberal MPs and moved roughly all the units with roughly 200 soldiers and their families to Edmonton where there was 3 Lieberal MPs. Besides.... There are 9 prisons and institutions in the Kingston area so the impact in terms of jobs will be minimal.

Anonymous said...

And CFB Chilliwack was closed in the 90's and everything and everyone was transferred to Edmonton. Except for a naval base west of Victoria on the Island, Vancouver and the rest of BC have no military available at all in case of earthquakes, tsunamis' or any catastrophic type event. Chretien was a beauty. A mean, cruel ugly kind of beauty. Did I say ugly? And mean?

jwkozak91 said...

They're complaining that a 150-year-old prison's being closed. If the Grits were replacing Kingston Penn. they'd be hailing the end of "cruel and unusual punishment" - because keeping inmates in a 150-year-old prison qualifies as such in my book.

The ball's in Manitoba's court now, they gotta shut down the oldest part of Stony Mountain Penn. - the main building that, when new, held prisoners from the 1885 Battle of Batoche.

Neo Conservative said...

jwkozak91 says... if the Grits were replacing Kingston Penn. they'd be hailing the end of 'cruel and unusual punishment'."

first, they're going crazy about harper building prisons... now the sky is falling because they're actually shutting them down.

the lunatic left in action.