02 April 2012

It's that simple, huh?

Dear CBC... so whaddaya think people say every time they see another bloody car bombing on the news?
yup... i betcha muslims love being stereotyped as benign idiots

"So many people who were not Muslim said ‘hey there's a girl in my office who wears a hajib and now I understand that she takes it off when she goes home. And I understand all these things about women in hajibs'."
So, tell us Big Mother... was it a sadly simplistic sitcom... or unapologetic social engineering?

More to the point, why should all Canadians be paying for it.


Fay said...

Good post!

Mr. Neutron said...

Do you think the series finale will feature an honour killing, a beheading, and a public stoning?

oxygentax said...

One good thing that came from Saskatchewan axing their Film Tax Credit, eh?

Frances said...

Tried to watch it once, but couldn't get past the bit which showed what looked very like a fallen or broken cross on an altar. That little bit of blasphemy did it for me.

Anonymous said...

More to the point apparently none of the actresses portraying Muslims are actually Muslims. I guess that would be frowned upon by their menfolk.

Neo Conservative said...

using this woman's logic, i guess aspiring business tycoons should watch "corner gas".

apparently, cbc viewers are easily manipulated simpletons.