24 April 2012

Funny how he saved all his best stuff...

...for the BBC...

Less than a year after he asked voters to make him prime minister, Michael Ignatieff is now warning that Quebec and Canada are almost two separate countries, drifting towards a possible breakup.

Ignatieff says he's saddened to see how Canada and Quebec have become isolated, with the optimism of decades past having given way to disillusionment.

"Now effectively, we’re almost two separate countries."
That whirring sound you hear is P.E.T. spinning in his grave.


UPDATE: Ask a Liberal "intellectual"
flee, flee, run awayMichael Ignatieff... making friends wherever he goes...
"Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois concluded that to have a prominent federalist arrive at the same conclusion as herself was another sign that her cause was just."

"'Two separate countries' and he has no foothold in either, as both feet are firmly stuck in his mouth."


Rich said...

Not the story he was singing before and during the election, he was Mr. Canada in red tights don'tchaknow.
The LPOC...lying for decades about everything and especially....about their country.
This story should be cast in bronze and put up in the halls of parliament. The Tories ahould have attack ads made out of this; it's a huge story in my opinion.

fernstalbert said...

Well Bob, we need your rebuttal or maybe not!!! Only once the eyes of the MSM of downtown Toronto are averted does the honest pontificating occur. Is that a nervous titter from the Liberal Party? Crickets and silence I am sure will follow this frankness. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Radio Canada and CBC should never have been made such separate entities. There is no sharing between the two and no attempt to promote bilingualism.

As for Ignatieff, he is now saying his words were taken out of context.

I well remember his coming to Eastern Ontario and supporting making bilingual signs mandatory which would have stirred up all sorts of linguistic tension. And then he would during the election accuse the Tories of dividing the country.

Anonymous said...

And now suddenly he's an expert on British politics. Could it be because he's spent most of of his life in the UK and the US?

Al the Fish said...

"Two separate countries" and he has no foothold in either, as both feet are firmly stuck in his mouth.

Neo Conservative said...

let the back-pedaling begin... main post updated.