05 April 2012

Ask the NDPQ

• OTTAWA (Reuters) • The new head of Canada's main opposition party says a simple majority should allow independence for French-speaking Quebec, a far lower bar than the one accepted by other pro-Canada parties and one that could make independence more likely.

Thomas Mulcair, a Quebecker who took over as head of the left-leaning New Democrats last month, said Canada would have to negotiate independence for Quebec if a majority of voters opted for that.

"Quebec will vote to remain Canada, and they'll tell the Refascists to fuck off and split off as Harperland."

"All because of the criminal Conservatives."
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 12:42 AM, April 05, 2012
More childish bluster & threats... the perennial mating call of the lunatic left.


BDFT said...

I wonder if the mainstream NDPer's have figured out that they have successfully resurrected the Bloc Quebecois. March-hare is stuck in the 70's, perhaps even the 50's. He and his version of the NDP is irrelevant. Talk about tilting at windmills.

gimbol said...

I'll offer the toe of my boot and a door that his his arse on an out bound direction.
Funny how this didn't make front page.

Rich said...

S E D I T I O N !

Blame Crash said...

Has anyone asked this foolish crackpot which country he'd choose

Platty said...

The only difference between Duceppe and Mulcair is, Mulcair would need a hairnet for his beard as well as the top of his head...


Neo Conservative said...

let's remember that nycole turmel, the interim leader of the dippers... was a card-carrying separatiste.

mulcair has to pander extra hard just to keep up with that.


Michael Harkov said...

Off topic, but here is one for the "gee no kidding" file -


Jen said...

Blame Crash said...
Has anyone asked this foolish crackpot which country he'd choose

Why do you think Mulclair is keeping his french passport so that he can do business with France for quebec.

Would France help to contribute billions to Quebec to maintain the high standard of living?

I hope that he takes Pat Martin with him and the CBC.

Al the Fish said...

Why does Mulehair need an independent Quebec? He already is a citizen of a French nation, France!
Vive les sepratistes stupide!!!

gimbol said...

Mucliar is a premadonna.
His pride will be his downfall.

All thats missing from this dance is the next liberal leader.
Tommy two-step will not play well with the liberals thinking he can attract disaffected liberals using the same strategy used to pander the votes of the fair weather federalists in Quebec.
The man is stuck in 1967.

Neo Conservative said...

"al asks... Why does Mulehair need an independent Quebec?"

what mulcair needs is to suck quebec ass to try and maintain the dipper's tenuous hold on that protest vote that temporarily put the ndp into the national headlines.

he's taking pandering to a whole new level.