10 April 2012

Never mind drugs... take a minute and...

...talk to your kids about that single shining moment of life-altering idiocy...

“He’s still in critical condition right now,” said his sister when reached by phone. While that was all the family wanted to say, a police source told the Mississauga News that the teen’s injuries would likely leave him with brain damage should he survive.

There are parallels to an incident in Ajax last month, when a 19-year-old was rushed to hospital after falling off the hood of a Toyota.
Remember... it's all fun and games... until somebody loses a... well... frontal lobe.
Police said the teen climbed onto the moving car and, when it braked, flew onto the pavement and fractured his skull.
Have I had that talk with Neophyte?

You bet your sweet ass I did. Or, more to the point... his brain. Or his anything.

Have that talk. And remember, it ain't about smart or stupid, or good or evil... the kids here sounded like they were... overall... fairly intelligent & headed for happy, productive lives.

It's about making the right choices... something teenage boys are not particularly celebrated for.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, my son lost a high school friend here in Montreal. He was a very promising soccer star. Fell off the car when car surfing with friends, hit is head and died a few days later.

robins111 said...

Pretty much an example of the Darwinian, thinning the herd..

Neo Conservative said...

teenagers, (especially teenage boys), do stupid shit... that's a given.

but if your teenage daughter ends up riding the stripper pole... or your teenage son has a history of criminal or life endangering behaviour... i'd say you might wanna look a little closer at your parenting skills.

intervene... be dumb ol' uncool dad... 'cos that's your job.


Frances said...

Our children attended Catholic school and one of the messages at the grad Mass was always: "Please be carefull this weekend; we don't want your next appearance at church to be in a coffin." We were fortunate, no funerals in those classes.

However, others weren't so lucky. When we were doing a major reno, the young labourers turned up late one day and somberly clad in dark suits. They'd just been saying goodbye to a classmate.