27 April 2012

Don't look at me...

...I didn't vote for him...
epic fail

The Ontario government is in a deep financial hole, as the province’s economy struggles to shake off the economic downturn that has battered its vital manufacturing sector.

The province’s rating could be knocked down further if it fails to stabilize its debt burden or if it sees an unexpected deterioration in debt affordability.


fernstalbert said...

This is how I feel about the AB government and the spending madness that will ensue. I voted for change - others voted scared and for more of the same. Good luck with that, we are in for a really bad ride. Cheers.

mauser98 said...

Moody's fraud ignored by SEC:insider.

Moody's was big part of financial crisis.

Neo Conservative said...

read slower... it ain't just moodys...

Moody’s Investors Service’s decision Thursday to downgrade Ontario followed a stern warning and dimmer outlook issued one day earlier from Standard & Poor, another influential credit rating agency.

Moody’s downgrade of the province’s debt rating to Aa2 with a stable outlook from Aa1 with a negative outlook brings the agency’s score more in line with S&P and DBRS.


James Higham said...

Don't think it's only Ontario.

Neo Conservative said...

well, it wasn't hard too see this one coming... premier mcslippery has managed to bump the ontario deficit to over 15 billion dollars.

but heck, with his outrageous salary & gold-plated pension he's just about bulletproof... why would he care?

meanwhile, we the taxpayer and our gerandchildren will be paying for this for decades.