13 April 2012

This lady makes Sheriff Joe...

...look like Mother Theresa...

"Generally, it's arrest the guy with the gun and sort it out later,” Teresa Sopp, a veteran criminal defense lawyer, told Reuters. “That's always been the way it works in Angela Corey's circuit.”

Corey’s tough approach has also drawn criticism for unnecessarily flooding Florida’s prison system with inmates.
What happens when you have the Black Panthers, the MSM... and the Prosecutor's office... all on the same page?
A study this year by two University of North Florida criminologists found that Corey’s Duval County “had the highest incarceration rate of any jurisdiction over 500,000 in Florida” in 2010.

UPDATE: Tried and convicted...

...in the court of public opinion...
"The neighbourhood watch volunteer’s lawyer, Mark O’Mara, also said he wanted Zimmerman to be released on bond, but not until he could secure a safe place for him to stay while he faces murder charges."
Funny how, suddenly... folks are willing to condemn this guy without a trial.

That "safe place" Zimmerman's lawyer refers to... where exactly would that be? With the Panthers putting a "dead or alive" target on his back... is pre-trial custody even an alternative?


UPDATE: A cynical political ploy?

Let's ask a Harvard Law Professor...
the plot thickens
"Maybe her plan is to use the judge here as a get-out-of-tough-cases card? She probably knows she can’t get Zimmerman on murder two, but she also doesn’t want to be the one to have to break that to the public."
The thing to take note of here, folks... is that Alan Dershowitz, the man who helped defend O.J. Simpson, a man with radioactive lefty credentials... now feels George Zimmerman is being railroaded.

(via BCF)


LAST WORD: Hey, wait a minute...
I took the media’s claims at face value and erroneously labeled George Zimmerman a murderer based upon false information that was designed to arrange a lynching.

The narrative has changed in the wake of new details, eyewitnesses, and embarrassing retreats. The actual story may in fact have been a textbook example of the proper use of deadly force.
New information... like what?
And of course, almost no one knows that on the night he took Trayvon Martin’s life, George Zimmerman willingly consented to take a voice stress analyzer test, a kind of lie detector test used by the Sanford police. He passed it.
Oh, yeah... like that.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Zimmerman would even Want to be out of lockup since as long as he isn't in a general population area he'd be a Lot safer There than anywhere else.
If convicted, I think it'll be Manslaughter.
However, I'm not forming an opinion one way or the other until more details/facts are revealed in the trial, but it's looking like more will be revealed in Zimmerman's favor.

SB Smith