03 April 2012

All in the family

And not a word about deportation...in other diversity newsAll that argle-bargle from the opposition about Stephen Harper cracking down on crime... seems to me we've a ways tio go yet...

"In the fall of 2009, Ferenc and Gyula Domotor moved into new houses, each worth nearly $500,000, down the street from each other in Ancaster. The younger Mr. Domotor drove a black Mercedes and paid for a family cruise with cash. On bank documents, Ferenc Domotor’s oldest son – then aged 19 – listed his gross annual income as $142,000."
Canada... land of endless opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Nine years in jail not enough for you?

max said...

Most impressive is how that article fails to mention that the Domotors are a Roma aka Gypsy mafia family.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon whines... Nine years in jail not enough for you?"

nope. you think these criminals deserve to live in canada?

deport this scum.


jwkozak91 said...

This case is a perfect illustration why Canada needed the Conservatives' new laws on human trafficking.

Frances said...

The Romany connection is interesting. Used to travel to Slovakia, and the one warning the Canadian gov't website has was about the Romany children. Saw them roaming about; knew they'd thieve if possible. Friend living there pointed out Romany areas of town and mentioned had had many offers of 'help' with backback.