04 April 2012

Well, I guess the logic is...

...aboriginals are like little children and can't be held to the same standard as the rest of us... some animals are more equal than othersWait a minute... who's the victim here?

"'There’s nothing wrong with Del Louie’s face. He doesn’t have a plate with four screws in his face,' said Mr. Dixon, his voice cracking. 'He doesn’t have a concussion. He doesn’t have neck injuries and back injuries, and cognitive issues that will be with me the rest of my life.'"
Hey, it gets better... this guy was no cherry...
"In addition to his attack against Mr. Dixon on a late-night bus in Burnaby last year, Mr. Louie assaulted the driver’s son, Aaron, who tried to restrain him; regularly broke his bail conditions by drinking excessively; and spat at a paramedic during an altercation with police. He also had a previous conviction for ASSAULTING A BUS DRIVER (my emphasis)."
Yet another triumph for the lunatic left and their... "soft bigotry of low expectations."


one people, one law


Anonymous said...

Does any so called Conservative out there even give a hoot about the fact that a terrorist is returning to Canada. And does the fact that this terrorist get free health care, dental care, free medical prescriptions, free legal counsel and even the right to vote from prison even concern anyone out here?

DailySplit said...

Race based policing and justice is alive and well in Canada -- one need look no further than Caledonia, Ont.