27 April 2012

Ask a "Community Organiser"...

...you know... the job that PrezBam had before he got into politics...

Jackson's co-presenter, Camille Williams of the Peace in the Hood movement, made several inflammatory statements about gun ownership and the National Rifle Association. She claimed the NRA is indifferent to gun violence.

She also asserted she has received emails from the NRA and/or its members claiming she is "going to hell" for her advocacy and "these porch monkeys deserved to die," referring to black children killed by guns.

EAGnews.org contacted Jackson regarding these emails, wishing to make them public. We received no response.
Funny how that works, huh?


Rich said...

Source is her computer, @nether_regions.com

Neo Conservative said...

just look at what the msm and the professional race hustlers have done with the trayvon martin farce.

you say it often enough, maybe you even start to believe it.