17 September 2007

Shssssh, it's a secret

Don't tell Jean Charest, but there's this statistically significant pool of under-employed and chronically unemployed (many of them francophone) Canadians, who could probably be taught to swing a hammer.... right here in Canada... it's called the Maritimes.

-- MONTREAL -- Quebec Premier Jean Charest is optimistic he can sign an unprecedented labour mobility deal with France as part of an economic strategy that he hopes will revitalize his leadership and revive his party's sagging fortunes.

"Our objective is that a French doctor, plumber, nurse or carpenter can work in Quebec and vice versa," Mr. Charest said in his closing remarks to a party meeting yesterday.
The trouble is, like his fellow liberal, Sargeant Steffi, Charest is ready to try just about any crazy old trick to boost his polling numbers.
The Liberal Leader, who has been labelled the most disliked politician in Quebec in a recent public opinion poll, said he understands the difficult task the lies ahead in trying to win back the confidence of voters.
"Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble."


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You know what I love about Ontario's Public Schools? They're public. And expensive. Very, very expensive. Whatever the race or creed of our kids, they attend the same schools.

Unless they're Catholic, in which case they don't.


dmorris said...

I didn't know France had a shortage of workers. I've heard there is quite high unemployment, so the chances of Quebec workers going to jobs in France are slim.

A good tradesman can earn around $45 an hour in northern Alberta, and in B.C., the wages are almost as good, so why would anyone go to a foreign Country to earn less than at home.

French Canadian friends who've visited France said they had difficulty understanding the language, so it's not like home.

This seems like another poorly thought out idea by a desperate politician.

As for Charest being labelled the most disliked politician in Quebec, take heart, Jean, in the rest of Canada, you're only third or fourth!

Neo Conservative said...

i guess my real point here was, loosely speaking... charity, or in this case economic mutual aid, should begin at home.


Anonymous said...

France has Six Million Muslims - they should not be invited into Canada through Quebec's back door.

Neo Conservative said...

hey... france just stood up to iran... lemme sit down, i'm feelin' dizzy.