16 May 2019

King Joffrey Trudeau has clearly...

...picked a side...insert alt text here

"This prime minister gave $10.5 million to Omar Khadr, a convicted terrorist, so that he wouldn’t have to fight him in court,” Scheer said. “But when it comes to a decorated naval officer who has put his career making Canadians safe, this prime minister spared no expense fighting him in court."

"Why the double standard?"

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Maliq Crush, 26, of Toronto, was arrested and is charged with:

1. Attempted Murder
2. Discharge Firearm with Intent
3. Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm in a Motor Vehicle
4. Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm
5. Careless Storage of a Firearm
6. Possession of a Prohibited Firearm
7. Possession of a Firearm Knowing Its Possession is Unauthorized
8. Tamper with Serial Number


Anonymous said...

old white guy --------- is sick and tired of all the bull shit and lies that we are exposed to. the government is primarily made up of lying socialists who want to control our lives. we bleat like sheep and we are sheared daily. I long along lost any concern for what any politician has to say as they all, repeat all, have lied to me at some point in their quest for power.

Neo Conservative said...

you get the government you deserve.

if the sheeple are stupid enough
to elect the totally unqualified
spawn of the man who took the
country's debt from 28 billion to
over 300 billion, they deserve
whatever else happens.