01 October 2015

I have to say, I'm loving this

A multi-national corporation (quite possibly run by alien reptiles from an alternative universe) tries to strongarm a Canadian family into taking their new credit card by cancelling the old ones while they are on an out-of-province vacation. Coincidentally, another blog post by this woman, totally unrelated to the cards, blows up and goes viral... we're talking over 17,000 hits in one day.use your wordsObviously, people are gonna read whatever else they see on the page... and I predict Green Scaly Heads are gonna roll at Reptile Corp.. I mean, we're talking behavior that would make a Gorn blush... and suddenly, it's being blasted out to the world.

The new card information indicated a annual fee of $99.00 plus $15.00 annual fee for an additional card and we were beyond uninterested in paying more fees for a card that we personally would receive no more benefit from.

We were also still quite unimpressed by the high pressure tactics used by the BMO telemarketer. My husband phoned BMO MasterCard, told them we were keeping the old cards and not using the new ones. We NEVER validated the cards they sent us. They are still glued to the paperwork.