06 October 2015


Hey Dan, just a thought... you know what might be even better than that...obama's home townNot to put poison in your veins several times a day...

"The best thing would be to have Narcan," said Dan Bigg, the group's director.
That's like saying the answer to rampant alcoholism is having a fridge full of donor livers. And where is Obama's buddy Rahm Emmanuel? I thought he was gonna save Chicago... from thugs like this...
"The men are members of the Unknown Vice Lords street gang, according to court records."
where's rahm?Maybe #Blacklivesmatter needs to beef up their Chicago chapter.



You best be checkin yo privilege, dawg...

CHRISTOPHER SKINNERYou could be forgiven for thinking that Christopher Skinner's killer was a blond blue-eyed denizen of Rosedale because virtually no media outlet is showing pictures of his killer, Agustin Alexander Caruso, who just plead out to manslaughter.Agustin Alexander Caruso
Cops were finally able to track down the man they believe drove the SUV that ran over Skinner, 27, and left him for dead on Adelaide St. — after a group viciously attacked him.
They beat Chris Skinner senseless and then ran over him... twice.

Manslaughter or murder, you tell me.