23 October 2015


...wait a minute...

dudley do-right again

"There ARE NO DOCUMENTED CASES where the [blanked out] technique has been used in a criminal offence in Canada."
Your RCMP... solving complicated technical problems that don't actually exist.

Don't you guys have 25,000 military age Syrian male "refugees" to screen in the next 60 days?


Anonymous said...

The security people weren't close to Justin and had their backs against a wall the morning after the election as Justin shook hands with random voters as they came through a metro station in Montreal. Isis doesn't care that he is sunny and optimistic - he is an infidel. I hope the security people smarten up.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm guessing justin simply cannot envision a world where absolutely everyone doesn't adore his beautiful, beautiful self.

imagine the irony if the shiny pony were to be injured or killed by one of his precious refugees... the penultimate self-inflicted injury

there seems to be little awareness that it takes just one of those 25,000 alleged syrians to go off the rails... stab a civilian, or set off a bomb, to swing canada back to the right.