14 October 2015

Liberal Scumbaggery surfaces even before...

...they crown their new Emperor...

In the email, a copy of which was obtained by The Canadian Press, Justin Trudeau's national campaign co-chair Dan Gagnier advises five TransCanada Corp. officials to target the right people in a new government as quickly as possible so they can help shape either Liberal or NDP decisions on a national energy strategy.
So Justin's national campaign co-chair is out on his ass for the political equivalent of insider trading and, of course, the Liberal Party issues a statement blaming the controversy on the Conservatives and their "negative and mean-spirited politics."

Seems to me it's a little simpler than that...
Conservative campaign spokesman Stephen Lecce dismissed Trudeau and the Liberals as "a party run by elite insiders who sell their influence to the highest bidder to the detriment of taxpayers."
Funny isn't it... Justin's always characterising the Prime Minister as a lackey of the big corporations.

The co-chair of the Liberal election campaign started working for TransCanada Corp. last spring, providing advice to the firm on its controversial Energy East pipeline project at the same time as he was trying to help Justin Trudeau win the next election.

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...look you right in the face and lie their asses off.


LAST WORD: From the Liberal websitefiberals
You took risks, made sacrifices and worked hard to become a Canadian citizen. Don’t let Harper take that away. Changes made by the Harper Conservatives will create two classes of citizenship and give a politician the right to revoke your citizenship without a trial.

Only Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party will protect you, your family and all Canadians by repealing the unfair sections of Bill C-24.
Fact: C24 applies only to people who choose not to renounce their former alliegance and become exclusively Canadian citizens.

Fact: Only people convicted of serious crimes who choose dual citizenship are affected.

Fact: Fear mongering like this is beneath contempt.


Anonymous said...

Yep, it really will be Business As Usual... graft, theft and all. By the way, Justin..you maybe have forgotten and that'd be no surprise but we taxpayers havent..Where's the AdScam money, laddie? Your Party still owes us about $125 million.

Neo Conservative said...

so pspawn is selling out to big energy even before he gets to climb up on the porch. isn't that what he accused the pm of doing?

just try to imagine what happens if these hypocritical opportunists actually get their hands on the levers of government.

remember, saint pierre took the canadian deficit from 28 billion to 330 billion over his reign.