14 October 2015

Mohammad Shafia's New Caliphate

Convicted honour killer continues his reign of terror as Corrections Canada looks on helplessly...halls of macadamia/Ask psychologist Robert Groves, who worked in Kingston Penitentiary. Here's his testimony on security threats facing Canada.

Shafia was "self-appointed" in his role in the prison, and said about 25 men gathered for prayers. "They were not all Muslims but believed that they dare not refuse to attend Friday prayers," he told the hearing. "This form of intimidation is what one finds routinely with zealot extremists."

Groves's testimony focused on the potential for radicalization of the prison population.
Yup, sounds like Mohammed is full of remorse for those four cowardly murders.


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Let's ask Mohammad Shafia's three daughters and "spare" wife if they agree with Justin & Tommy Trotsky about the niqab... oh, wait... they're all dead.

Shafia appeal to be heard by the same people who ordered Omar Khadr back into Canada.


Anonymous said...

islam, one of the main reasons to bring back capital punishment. so says old white guy.

Neo Conservative said...

actually, if we went to an islamic type system... it would be priests and rabbis who got to pronounce sentences.

if life sentences don't mean life (a la karla homolka) then i'm all in favour of capital punishment.