06 October 2015


"ah, yes... i understand the phrase "perfect, unaccented English" is the secret conservative code words for the military to begin rounding up all "non-old stock canadians", tattooing barcodes on their foreheads and sending them to the secret cia prison on baffin island where they will be turned into "soylent green""

"you caught us, global news."
On one hand, Harper’s done a great job with the economy.

"On the other hand, Jason Kenney complimented an 11-year-old on his English."


Frances said...

Actually, Neo, "Canadian" English is probably most easily understood by non-native English speakers. Shorn of various accents (Newfoundland excepted, but then they don't consider themselves to be speaking English), it is very clear. Had a relative studying in eastern Europe who was commended on the clarity of his English; his fellow students from England were not impressed.

And, as a native-born Canadian who is steadily aging and whose hearing is not the greatest, I am getting mightily tired of being expected to interact with new Canadians whose accents render their utterances incomprehensible. I work hard to ensure anyone with whom I do business can understand me; I expect the same consideration from them.

Neo Conservative said...

under the liberals and dippers, immigrants will not be expected to try to fit in.

we will have dozens of variations of small city states, like the kingdom of jamaica at jane & finch... or the somali empire at kipling & dixon... or the new republic of china that will cleave british columbia off the western end of canada.

a reader sent me a picture of justin at a chinese event... he was wearing colourful native garb... while every other chinese in the picture were wearing three piece suits. the pandering leaves me speechless.

if things in whatever-stan were that great, why are people fleeing to north america? if they bring all their destructive clan rivalries, medieval religous practices and disregard for law & order, how long will it be before canada resembles a primitive foreign oligarchy?