26 October 2015

I'm guessing none of the folks...

...on this streetcar will ever vote Liberal again...

The initial monologue from Yatim, who had chased off all the passengers by swinging his knife at a young woman and then parading up the aisle with his penis in his left hand and the knife in the other, was little short of crazed.
Bear in mind that the woman in question has said she would have had her throat slashed had she not jerked back out of the way. In non-Justin circles, we call that attempted murder.

So, switchblade in one fist... his dick in the other... screaming racial invective...
“Get the fuck out of here, all of you,” he yelled, knife in hand, to the escapees. “fuck those bitch niggas.” Then, “You’re off. Run. Don’t walk. You’re fucking niggas.”
What do you do with a mad dog?

You put it down.

Sorry folks, James Forcillo deserves a commendation, not a murder trial.



Next time you get mugged, try calling a politician...brave new world
"Facts are stubborn things, but it is probably asking too much for anti-cop bigots to recognize them. Yet for the president of the United States to cheer their movement is more than a mistake. It is another tragic illustration of how Obama is taking America backward."
Exactly what sort of facts are we talking about here?
"The New York City murder rate is typical. Year in, year out, about 90 percent of homicide victims are nonwhite males, as are 90 percent of their killers."
Funny how seldom things like that get mentioned in the media. And that's incredibly corrosive and misleading.
"For the president to emphasize that there are brutal and racist cops, presumably white, without citing the staggering rate of black-on-black crime distorts both problems."
Now that Canada has elected Justin "Obama Lite" Trudeau, will we see a similar swing to so called "progressive" values?

When did cops become the enemy?


Lad said...

I wish you were right about the streetcar passengers future voting intentions, but it doesn't seem likely. Liberals are capable of amazing mental gymnastics to preserve their worldview in spite of reality.

Anonymous said...

Well said Halls! If it's any consolation, Officer Forcillo did shoot Yatim in the penis and balls a few times. This is something that many sexual assault victims would like to see the police do more often. But instead we see scum bags that commit sexual assaults getting a slap on the wrist due to this left winged bleeding heart liberal justice system we have in Canada. We can thank Mr. Pierre Trudeau for this and now we can thank his offspring for keeping up with his daddy's legacy of soft on crime and civil rights for criminals. We had a lot of hope under Harper's 9 year conservative rule but Rome wasn't built in a day and all Harper needed was just one more majority to clean up Pierre's mess and make Canada a nation that does not tolerate criminals victimizing people. May God have mercy on our souls and I hope the Calgary airport is at least named after Mr. Harper who was never given a chance to clean up the massive left over mess from all those liberal majority governments.

Anonymous said...

With 10 shots from 20 feet away and then a taser?
That's overkill even by mad dog standards.

Neo Conservative said...

"With 10 shots from 20 feet away and then a taser? That's overkill even by mad dog standards."

there's a scene in the movie "fury" where the tank driver is ordering the new gunner to keep shooting into german lines, but the gunners refuses, shouting back that "they're all dead." the driver responds, "how do you know that, are you a doctor? they're all dead until they get up and shoot you in the back."

there are protocols that allow police to use deadly force. they don't shoot guns out of people's hands or shoot them in the leg like old westerns. if yatim had got to the street, with all the people around, using a pistol would have presented a real overshoot danger.

an initial volley of three shots center mass, exactly as per police training. you shoot to stop the threat. you keep shooting until there is no threat. yatim starts moving in the video again and took a second volley. even after that, the sergeant tases him to be sure.

that's the standard.

this was a classic case of suicide by cop. yatim realised that if arrested he would be up on attempt homicide and with his little penis trick would be branded a sex offender as well. constable forcillo held his fire even though yatim had a weapon and was screaming insults at the police. forcillo told yatim, in no uncertain terms, that if he advanced towards police he would be shot. yatim then advanced and was shot.

there was a 12 year old girl sitting with the woman yatim slashed at. i suspect the penis was for her. watch the video, yatim stalks up the length of the car with his dick hangin' out and switchblade ready kill.

yatim was intially contained but chose to directly challenge a half dozen armed cops. sammy yatim wanted to die.

a violent, drug-soaked, demonstrably racist sex offender got put down. i can live with that.


Frances said...

Neo - I disagree: close the bus doors and let him do his thing. There's no one else he can harm.

However, I seriously fault the RCMP for letting Vince Weiguang Li roam up and down the bow near Portage while cannibalizing the body of his victim, Tim McLean. In this case, the RCMP should have taken Li down.

Neo Conservative said...

frances... hindsight is a wonderful thing. i think 53 seconds elapsed from cops on scene until yatim got smoked. james forcillo told yatim in no uncertain terms, if he advanced towards officers he would be shot. yatim then stepped forward. sammy yatim called the tune and he paid the piper.

btw... the only way to close the rear doors is from the operator's panel... after yatim chased the driver off, the streetcar was not gonna be sealed. nice thought, but not a real solution.


Dollops said...

Frances,"let him do his thing." Jesus wept. In what civilization have degenerates and scofflaws been "let" do their thing?

Neo Conservative said...

yatim did his violent, drug-addled, sexual-offender, racist thing... the cops did theirs.

equation fully balanced.