23 October 2015

The trouble with Conservatives...

...is that they don't understand the importance of theatre...

I have a vision of Bill, the master of the form, sitting in the darkness off the stage where she was prepping for this event. “Hillary, dammit. One more time. Really look like you’re mad. Think of... no, never mind. Not Monica mad... just normal mad.”
The truth may set you free, but it sure don't win elections.

Of course, winning is only the first step. At some point you have to gather your supporters and start leading.a liberal supporter speaksBravo... spoken like a true believer.


Rich said...

Hidabeast is all about theatre ....all the time...and views herself as being in the spotlight perpetually . She bends with the polling and the liberal talking points of the week.
I bet she has no idea of who she really is as she is playing a part all the time.
THEATRE ...IS the issue in an election...I hate that this is true but we have ignored it and we do so in the future at our peril.
Issues?....shmissues? meh, how doeshe/she MOVE them ?
Get that sorted out FIRST then have a logical, well thought out conservative platform.
Yes...I say bring in the marketing/PR/delivery/image /voice coach folks and listen to them... FIRST......we need to adopt jiu-jitsu not boxing.
Now I will go throw up in my mouth.

Neo Conservative said...

style over substance... at least we know what drives the lefty vote.


Rich said...

Yup....go to their dens...slaughter 'em as they sleep by stealing their tactics and besting them at it. Throw in "Values" too.
We have been fighting on OUR turf..."Logic".....and losing.
Lefties are from a different solar system....we need to get that through our thick skulls.

PS:- I have a new name for Just-In ..."Sid Viscous" ... not vicious.