05 October 2015

When David Suzuki...

...in his magnum opus, "A Matter of Survival" warned the nation...

"There are too many of us; we consume too much; we pollute too much..."
I guess he wasn't thinking about his own five children.

Similarly, when Professor SaintZuki lectures the hoi-polloi about their egregious carbon footprint, he likewise exempts his own extensive real estate portfolio.
Suzuki, who's made a name for himself fighting for the environment and against development, owns four homes, including one property he co-owns with a fossil fuels company.

His primary abode is a sprawling mansion in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver, worth approximately $8.2 million.
But, hey... it gets better...
Saint Suzuki despises lobbyists, and says they have a disproportionate control of political power in Ottawa. But Secret Suzuki himself has nine paid lobbyists registered in Ottawa’s lobbyist registry. Not one. Nine.
If you can herd the notoriously complacent Canucki sheeple, thar's gold in them there eco-hills.


dwc said...

David Suziki: the patron saint of lying hypocrites. I can just imagine him and Al Gore in the hot tub, smoking Cubans and laughing hysterically about the bullshit they've gotten the sheeple to swallow.

Neo Conservative said...

if you google suzuki, you quickly find out his warm, smiley television persona is miles away from who he actually is.

he's a hypocrite of nuclear proportions, a liar who loses his shit completely if questioned by lesser mortals. the media suzuki is a myth.

not regarded as a nice person, even at cbc.


Anonymous said...

There is no human overpopulation, over crowding in some areas, but that inefficient use of space is because of governments, "affordable housing", rent controls and zoning laws.

Socialists and Statists always trying to solve problems they create, with MORE problems that are worse. I really wish they would stop trying to help us. and the human race doesn't need to be CURED. Just left to adapt and diversify on our own terms, or it is not real diversification if mandated by a government.


^Lee Doren From HowTheWorldWorks and Matt Ridely: What Happens when ideas have sex?
Goes on to point out how higher populations are GOOD for the survival and adaption of civilization.

For all his talk about evolution, Suzuki sure doesn't believe in it when it comes to human adaption to make life better for themselves. Liberty and the sovereignty of an individual are mutually beneficial to everyone. If we were all the same, then we would have the same blind spots and vulnerabilities.
We can't all be socialists, because there would be no one left to create the wealth in the first place!

Neo Conservative said...

regardless of whether one believes in overpopulation or global warming... suzuki says one thing and then behaves as if he is above being regulated by his own beliefs.

we call that hypocrisy. suzuki has made himself extremely wealthy by deceiving people. the fact that he can fool so many canadians does not speak well of us.


Anonymous said...

You could always point to his "humans are fruit flies" comparison.
It melts away his "warm and fuzzy" persona rather quickly.
The video is available somewhere. It's not like he's done anything to convincingly take back those comments, as far as I know.

Frances said...

What the good Doctor is really saying is that there are too many of us plebs taking up valuable space and using valuable resources. Were there fewer of us, he and his fellow elites could truly enjoy this plant in the way they were entitled to.

Neo Conservative said...

and yet, suzuki is seen, like the trudeau family, as canadian icons by the media.

it seems paris hilton would get the nod for president before ann coulter.

the tyranny of the mediocre.