30 September 2015

"You know what I want," he said...

"I want this to be a seasonal job. Go plow snow in the winter and fight ISIS in the summer."


Frances said...

"in the spring of the year, the time when kings go out to battle" - 2 Samuel 11:1. "..at the time that kings to out to battle..1 Chronicles 20.1. There is indeed "a time to every season". Well remember a sermon by a former bishop who, in reading the daily lectionary, had suddenly been struck by this phrase. We would all wish there is not a "time for war" as Ecclesiastes 3:8 has it; sadly, it seems we are in that time.

That being said, at least these men are fighting against evil.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... these men are fighting against evil."

indeed they are. and, not to take anything away from the professional military, they do so by personal conviction & choice... not simply because their government told them they had to do it.