17 October 2015

Self defense...

...is the only real and credible defense...

Remember, your local police force... (excuse me, police service)... aren't the guys who pump out your septic tank and prevent all that shit from backing up into your home.

That, my friend, is on you.

Contemporary "Peace Officers" are the bored functionaries who show up after you're knee deep in liquified turds, tear up your sodden, stinking backyard and leave you struggling with the bill.

You want peace of mind & safety of person, it's all up to you, Van Damme. Too many cops these days are box ticking bureaucrats or obvious affirmative-action lottery winners (encoutered a largish female officer recently who would've had trouble with a flight of stairs, nevr mind a drunk, dusted up biker). For the moment, they still get to tote guns, (although Gawd & CBC forbid they should actually use them) but that may change under Justin "From the Heart Outward" Trudeau.

Unlike all those popular television shows, the police do not anticipate, calculate, isolate and otherwise prevent crimes. There is no magical carp breeding database a la CSI Miami that utilises electron microscopy & fish mites to take down aspiring Unabombers.

Let's look at just one particularly egregious example.

"An Ohio man had a 14-year-old girl dropped off at his home, held her captive for months, raped her and impregnated her."
Well, bad (even horrific) things happen in this screwed up world, right? It's not like anybody could have seen that com... wait a minute...
Sheriff’s spokesman Michael Robison Thursday confirmed that Jackson wore the electronic monitoring device from Jan. 22 to July 31 of this year. "We conducted our typical unscheduled and unannounced home visits," Robison said."
Hang on a second... can we assume the electronic bracelet wasn't simply an offbeat fashion statement?
"Jackson contacted the teenager through Facebook in February after pleading not guilty an abduction case involving two females who said he held them against their will at a hotel in Blue Ash, Ohio in 2014."
So this freak had a history of abducting women and still no alarm bells?

Seems no one was able to see what was going on despite all the clues. Electronic monitoring, unscheduled visits and Jackson still pulls this off. The only thing the cops didn't do was bring this guy beer and pizza. It was even total happenstance that this guy was even caught.
"Jackson was arrested in Utah last week when he tried to run away from drug task force officers conducting a routine stop at a bus station."
Moral of the story? Like I said, it's all on you. Just something to consider at 3am and you wake up to the sound of breaking glass.


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But wait, it ain't over 'til it's over. Just a typical GTA weekend.

Yet again, farmers, hunters and sport shooters are off the hook... but that won't stop the lefties from going after legitimate firearms owners... as opposed to organised criminal enterprises.


Anonymous said...

Today is the 18th of October. As of tomorrow this kind of bullshit will become common place if Trudeau get into the top chair.He has already said he will install a gun registry. That only hurts law abiding gun owning citizens. The right to self defense will be diminished even more than it is now. The lieberals will insist that it is the job of their police who can't be everywhere all the time and show up way to late to do anything constructive.

R Connon.

Neo Conservative said...

"r connon says... The right to self defense will be diminished even more than it is now."

too true. i imagine the military will be similarly shat upon. and as the debt goes crazy... due to things akin to dalton's 8 billion dollar green fiasco, our quality of life will diminish. p-spawn's declaration that he will run billions of dollars in deficits to "grow the economy from the heart outwards" is a death knell for prosperity.

on the cultural front, things like the niqab are the thin edge of the wedge. flooding the country with adherents of a militant religious movement whose followers practise polygamy and have huge families will mean saying saying goodbye in the near future to the britannic customs & judeo christian ethic that built this wonderful country.

surely canadians aren't that blind or stupid.