05 October 2015

On building the inevitable wall

If you vacation in Mexico... you're part of the problem...

"It’s clear as glass by the end that Mexico is no more prepared to emerge from its quagmire of crookedness, crime, armed conflict and poverty than it was when I was a kid. Yet somehow, despite it all, the enormous tourism industry is still flourishing."
Who cares, huh? As long as the cerveza flows and the sun keeps shining.
You can still go down there on holiday if you want, but don’t watch Cartel Land on the plane, and don’t take the kids.
Still think Trump is a racist?


I was no fan of the largely fictional "Zero Dark Thirty", but watched the documentary "Cartel Land" the other night and it's a tour de force.

The inescapable conclusion is that, once you rise above the ranks of ordinary Jose Citizen, there are no good guys left.

Horrifying & informative.


Frances said...

Have hesitated to comment, Neo, because offspring and moi do enjoy an annual Mexico vacation. For western Canadians, the other options are Hawaii and California. We are aware of the problems Mexicans face, but would withdrawing all tourism really help?

Neo Conservative said...

frances, my wife's uncle winters in mexico. i know many people who vacation there.

if you knew the extent of the corruption and misery, i believe you wouldn't, in good conscience, cross the border. the tourist areas are protected as they generate huge amounts of foreign currency.

would you vacation in hitler's germany? the government is working hand in hand with the drug cartels. by vacationing there, you are enabling them.