15 October 2015

Complicated, many layered cultural issue?

How about... "it's a chastity belt for your face?"


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DAKAR, SENEGAL—Chad’s police spokesman says police have arrested 62 women for wearing full veils in public as the country steps up security against extremism following a multiple suicide bombing attack.
Those racist cops.


Frances said...

What was that particularly nasty comment from the Shafia trial: something to the effect of "A man's honour lies between the legs of a woman."? In our family and - I rather think, in your's, Neo - a man would die for his children, not kill them. Real men control themselves, not others. And a real man prefers a strong woman by his side.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Justine and his Media bum sniffers can go over and explain how "racist" and "Islamaphobic" this kind of behavior is... better to be murdered than to go against political correctness.

Neo Conservative said...

no doubt about it, shafia and his ilk are savages who have no place in this country. police wiretaps also caught him telling his wife, "may the devil shit on their graves."

i'd like justin & tommy trotsky to tell me what root causes justified shafia's horrific actions.

likewise the toronto 18... pity we can only deport the convicted who chose dual citizenship.