02 October 2015

Pencils write poetry...

...chainsaws clearcut forests.

Remember... it's only what's in your hand... not what's in your heart or head...news cycle

"Good, because you’re a Christian, you are going to see God in just about one second."

And then he shot and killed them.
But this isn't actually about facts, is it...
"All he ever did was put everybody before himself. He wanted everyone to be happy. No matter if he was sad or mad, he would always try to cheer up everybody," she said of her stepbrother – though she'd only met him a few times and had not spoken with him in about a year.
Thank you, fourth estate.


RELATED: If you take legal guns away...

...from law-abiding American citizens, there will be no more crazy people, no more criminals...

The media is really bearing down on this "teetotaling Nazi" meme, trying to paint the shooter as a racist, tea-partying neo-conservative.

Sadly for our brothers in journalism, it turns out this nutbar was born in England, went to a special needs school, was afraid of insects but worshipped Satan. Despite his Nazi/Lucifer leanings, he also says on a dating profile that he's "mixed race" which adds yet another layer of nutso to the crazy Nazi cake. Not exactly your typical NRA member.


LAST WORD: It's Hammer, er... Barack Time

But enough about that, let's talk about me.
During today’s 12-minute address, President Obama referred to himself 28 times.
Not a single word about Chris Mintz.
Barack Obama came out immediately Thursday to condemn the Second Amendment for the mass murder of 9 people and the wounding of at least 7 more. What he didn’t mention was the heroism of one student who tried to stop the killer.
And, of course, no invite to the Whitehouse... that's reserved for children of Islamic activists who bring fake bombs to school.


Anonymous said...

Also Oregon has strict gun laws.
I noticed that of his two friends on MySpace, one is a girl and the other is a Muslim. Wondering who the latter is. Anyway his friend's postings are typical hate U.S. Muslim postings.

Neo Conservative said...

from what i've read it seems he was a mentally disturbed mamma's boy from way back... the product of a broken home like trayvon, like michael brown... like the typical shooter one sees in toronto.

a self described mixed race person who was fascinated by satan worship and who collected nazi memorabilia? his family obviously knew he was unstable... yet he's roaming loose?

where'd he get money to buy guns? mummy do that too?


Anonymous said...

My comments wouldn't post on barrelstrength, where the blogger blamed it on atheism, of all things. Apparently non-belief in something is enough to make someone abruptly commit mass murder. "What GOD doesn't exist? I better go murder some people."??

Had he only read the right scriptures from the bible, he would of known that collecting foreskins from their enemies seems to be the way to go: (1st Samuel 18:23-30, http://biblehub.com/1_samuel/18-26.htm)

The easy answer is for more conceal carriers to stop shooters in their tracks.
Ban "gun free zones", where lone gunman can't feel "special" or "power" over others.
Pretty basic stuff that costs nothing to enforce.
I don't presume every gun owner is a potential mass murderer. Though I can say that of a certain holy book "we dare not name", that makes it an explicit commandment.

Neo Conservative said...

collecting foreskins, huh? you guys sure know how to have fun. afraid you're not gonna see me attending church anytime soon.

similarly, at the moment, concealed carry in canada is only a viable option for jamaican drug gangs & their criminal ilk.


Frances said...

Neo - relax. That was the "bride price" King Saul exacted from David so David could marry Saul's daughter, Michal.

Neo Conservative said...

frances, what's a bag of foreskins go for these days anyway?

and what do you do with them after you got 'em? deep-fry 'em like pork rinds?


Neo Conservative said...


"The strange case of the Oregon shooter."

another one of obama's hypothetical sons?


Anonymous said...

I forgot that my unbeliefs can have an unintended ripple effect when I point them out.

My original set of points I was trying to make on the one blog(could of been a website error or extension conflict), it didn't include bringing up "a bounty on foreskins".

I was mad after several attempts to post meaningful arguments, that I blurted that out instead, was too frustrated to be tactful. A common theme with nonbelievers is such pent up frustrations from a life of previously ill advised actions. Funny that modern liberal atheists care so much about not getting to do whatever they "feel like". Where as I'm mad about judgements that I never would of made. I would of had a greater sense of self preservation. Which I'm sure the victims who survived can now relate. I neither would of tried to help others who clearly weren't interested in their own self interest.

I find Ayn Rand did a lot of good work with Objectivism and pointing out the major pitfalls of Altruism. I hate seeing atheist replace one fake "god" for another in the form of the State. Or So your typical atheist often starts as "Liberal", without any thought of the classical term. It's mind numbing, like nihilism, which is equally self defeating.

Atheism is different for me. It changed nothing in terms of my politics.
I personally know more "peace" mongering evangelical theocratic socialists, then practical christian capitalists.
The only thing I can say is I'm less likely to favor Ted Cruz, since Cruz "could potentially" be swayed on fictional matters of the brain, then say Stephen Harper who lets things play out to their natural conclusion without intervention.