17 February 2012

The Toronto Star aka X'pertz R'Us

Now, I'm no "addiction expert"... but would a hooker shortage be classified as a "social relations" emergency?

• Megan Ogilvie - Health Reporter • "The narcotic painkiller OxyContin will soon be pulled from pharmacy shelves across the country, and 'addiction experts' warn the move will spark a public health crisis in Northern Ontario where thousands of people in remote communities face involuntary and potentially dangerous withdrawal from the addictive drug."
Oh my gawd... some evil corporation is refusing to send a crucial medication to aboriginal communities?

Well... not exactly.
"Purdue Pharma, the company that manufacturers OxyContin, is set to replace the controversial medication with a new formulation of the drug called OxyNEO at the end of February. The new drug is formulated in such a way that it is more difficult to crush, and therefore less likely to be abused through injecting or snorting."
So, experts notwithstanding... what Purdue Pharma is actually gonna do is make it harder for people to abuse oxycontin to get high. If you merely ingest the medication as prescribed... the world will surely keep on turning.

That still leaves the question though, of white corporate North America making scurrilous... indeed racist... inferences about addiction in our aborigin... wait a minute...
"Among the Nishnawbe Aski Nation, or NAN, which represents 49 First Nation communities in Northern Ontario, at least half of residents are addicted to OxyContin, said Grand Chief Stan Beardy."
Uh, Stan... are you sure? I mean, if I said something like that, I'd have Peter Mansbridge poundin' on my front door demanding an explanation.
"'In some communities, it’s as high as 70 to 80 per cent of people addicted to OxyContin, including kids as young as 9 years old to people as old 65,' Beardy said."
And there's a problem with, what... trying to remedy that situation?

Thank goodness for the Toronto Star and their never-ending grab bag of experts.


UPDATE: CBC Radio piles on

Ditzy talkin' head (who refers to the new non-crushable pill as Oxy-Neon) interviews a Deputy Grand Chief who claims that addicts in the community will be suffering withdrawal en-mass.

Apparently these folks will all choose to quit cold-turkey rather than simply swallow the new pills.

Dumb bunny interviewer characterises this situation as a "failure of Canadian healthcare."


LAST WORD: A soft, fuzzy-bunny world

More special rights for special people. It ain't just the MSM... the federal bureaucracy buys in.

I miss the meritocracy.


fernstalbert said...

If this is true, then its time to shut down the non-medical use of oxy. Somehow I think the number is inflated. But what the hey, the media never stretches the facts to fit the narrative. First Nations peoples should find this charge outrageous and slanderous - worthy of litigation. Cheers.

Neo Conservative said...

i dunno... hard to argue with an 'addiction expert' or a 'grand chief... right?

just not sure what the actual upset here is about. is 'grand chief stan beardy' accusing big pharma of infringing on the right of his people ("including kids as young as 9 years old") to snort or inject oxycontin?


CJ said...

Surely the Oxy addicts in the "49 First Nation communities" aren't all getting the stuff legally? Is the problem that their illegal sources of the drug will eventually dry up once all manufacturing has switched over to the new form? It's hard to tell from the linked stories -- not your fault I hasten to say, but rather another example of our professional communicators at work.

Neo Conservative said...

"cj says... Oxy addicts in the "49 First Nation communities" aren't all getting the stuff legally"

there are so many holes in this piece of 'professional' journalism... it's really hard to know where to start.

the main premise... that aboriginal junkies will be spasming in the streets because big pharma is cutting off essential medications... is a good place to start.

one... nobody is cutting off anything... and yes, two... the junkies are mostly getting their oxy from outside the regular supply chain.

the protagonists here are basically the same folks who despite having 92 million dollars in taxpayer aid... still shit in plastic buckets... situated right next to their 60 inch plasma televisions.

which is apparently stephen harper's fault, no less.

"Here's a question nobody seems to be asking... 'Does Chief Spence live in a plywood shack with no plumbing?'"

but, getting back to it... it's the same sort of journalism that beatifies a pathetic celebrity junkie who overdoses in her bathtub after pissing away her multi-million dollar entertainment franchise... simultaneously screwing up her own (and her teenage daughter's) life with a plague of uniformly horrific personal choices.


Neo Conservative said...

a little more detail about this development...

"OxyNEO contains the same active ingredient as OxyContin but turns to a thick gel-like substance in water to prevent addicts from injecting it. The new drug is more difficult to crush into a power which can then be snorted."

so... same medication... it just can't be easily abused.

i should mention that i was prescribed 40mg oxycontin pills when i had my recent knee surgery. i have not experienced any buzz from these meds... but, of course, unlike my anishnabe brothers & sisters... it never occurred to me to inject or snort it.

somehow ctv & their ilk have tried to transform this into a public health emergency specifically targeting aboriginal people.

un-freakin' believable.

simply another manufactured crisis courtesy of the canadian msm.