20 February 2012

Bright lights, big city

Detectives busily rounding up farmers, deer hunters & skeet shooters as we speak...

"A man was rushed to hospital after he was shot in the arm in Etobicoke Sunday afternoon. Police say the shooting took place around 4 p.m. on Tandridge Crescent near Islington Avenue and Elmhurst Drive."

"Police haven't released any information about a possible suspect and say it's too early to tell whether the shooting is related to a similar incident that took place in the same townhouse complex."
In other local news...
"A suspect was shot near Lansdowne Avenue and Dupont Street after officers were called to the area for reports of a person with a knife, police said Monday."
Happy "Family Day" Toronto.


UPDATE: Another dead dumbass...
In Monday's incident, Josh Pimentel said, his wife watched a plainclothes police officer shoot a knife-wielding man who was wearing a mask. Pimentel said he wasn't home at the time, but his wife called him in a panic because a knife-wielding man was in their backyard.

Police have offered little information about the incident, but said officers were in a foot pursuit with at least two males, including one who may have been armed with a gun.
Hey... must've been some big score to risk your life, right?
It's not known why police were chasing the suspects, but people who live in the area told CP24 the pursuit may have originated from a robbery at a nearby church.
Yup... sheer criminal genius.


UPDATE2: Miscreant identified
"A man shot to death during an alleged showdown with Toronto Police was identified Wednesday as 48-year-old Frank Anthony Berry."


Patsplace said...

Now if Josh Pimentel's wife had happened to be a duck hunter, working on her shot gun and checking how it cycled live rounds, and all her neighbours "just happened" to be doing the same thing, why in no time at all the problem would be gone.

Neo Conservative said...

no need in this case... cops handled it just fine.