15 February 2012

Iran, yet again, scampers up on EU porch...

...yells grade school threats through open window... and runs away...

Iran’s Mehr News Agency said that the ambassadors of six European nations had been summoned by the foreign ministry to warn they must extend their long term oil contracts or face having imports cutoff.

Earlier, Iran’s English language Press TV had said Tehran has stopped exporting oil to France, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Netherlands and Spain, a report later denied by Iran’s Oil Ministry.
Ah, yes... we've seen this sort of wily Iranian tactic before... better known as "Operation Kick Yourself in the Balls"...
"Unperturbed European officials said they were looking for other suppliers anyway, mainly Saudi Arabia, which has promised to make up any shortfall in the market from curbed exports from Iran."
Hmmm... now that President McDreamy has nixed the Keystone pipeline... doesn't Canada have a little extra dino-juice?

Carry on, Ahmadinejad.