29 February 2012

Move over Oxycontin withdrawal...

...make way for digitally deprived second-class citizens...

"Once a number of zoos have iPads, Zimmerman hopes orangutans can get to 'know each other' via a video chat app. He has no doubt orangutans can recognize other orangutans when they see their images."
Say, Toronto Star... not to be horribly humanist... but how about an update on Dalton McGuinty's promised doctor housecalls?


Pissedoff said...

Libs give $500Gs for Sikh temple project


Neo Conservative said...

so much for separation of church & state.

my first question here would be... are other religions being awarded similar amounts of money by premier mcslippery... and where is this activity being recorded?

of course... a half million smackers is small beer to this liberal cabal. think of the billion dollars in hospital construction cost over-runs... or the e-health record or olg boondoggles. or ornge... or caledonia.

the list goes on & on.