07 February 2012

Once again, the Toronto "Red" Star...

...attempts to mythologise a dangerous sociopath...

"Michael Eligon Jr. remains mostly a man of mystery several days after he was fatally shot in a confrontation with police while wearing a hospital gown on an east-end street, blocks from the hospital."
The implication here is that, somehow... this poor guy was taken down by a police death squad... but even the rainbows & unicorns journos at the Star have to include a few facts.
"After leaving the hospital, the 5-foot-11, 160-pound man is believed to have injured someone (the Globe & Mail has a witness saying Eligon stabbed a shopper and injured a police officer) inside a nearby convenience store before trying to hijack a car."

"Shortly after, neighbours on nearby Milverton Blvd. reported that a man in a hospital gown was trying to break into a house at the back door."
I'm not sure what the Star finds so mysterious... we're talkin' straightforward cause & effect here.

If ever there was such a thing as "a good shoot"... this was it...
"Eligon was carrying two pairs of scissors, according to witnesses, and kept walking toward the officers with his hands outstretched despite being ordered to stop as police backed up."
Professional journalists... your moral & intellectual superiors.


Police have charged two Toronto men in connection with a shooting Thursday afternoon in a west-end neighborhood. The shooting happened after a fight broke out between two people near 75 Tandridge Cres.

Police arrested three men leaving the scene, and seized two loaded firearms. Two of the men face 35 charges, while the third has been released.

Abdullah Abdullahi, 24, and Mohamud Duale, 20, face several charges.

"More fascist whining here I see."
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 10:39 AM, February 08, 2012
Oh, nonny... you do all the work for me.


LAST WORD: Ask a Justice Minister
OTTAWA - There's no appetite in Canada for vigilante justice but the occasional warning shot over the head of a thief or trespasser may have its time and place, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson agreed Tuesday.


Michael said...

Whining - "nnnnNNNNnnnnn.....why didn't they just shoot him in the leeegggggg?"

Peruse the comments on this story. That typical left-tard comment is inevitable everytime a story is run about about a shooting like this.

Neo Conservative said...

"michael says... why didn't they just shoot him in the leeegggggg?"

all the pinkos have obviously been watching too much tv.

the short answer is... the police are trained to shoot center mass until the threat is stopped.

moral of the story... don't go around stabbing people or menacing police officers with a weapon.

it can be bad for your health.


Pissedoff said...

What comments, jusr been to the link and there are no comments at the Star. Have they removed them?

Sammy said...

And now,2 RCMP have been shot in Alta..I'm sure the police-hating msm will be happy.As Mom of a 'member'I detest how they are treated in the media.They ALL belong to someone..and have people that love them.

Neo Conservative said...

"sammy says... the police-hating msm"

ctv national news led tonight with that car accident that killed 11 migrant farm workers. in fact, they had two separate segments, by two different reporters, just so they could pound their multicultural agenda up everybody's ass a nickel at a time. funny how the driver of the other vehicle got hardly any mention at all.

not a word about the crash near trenton yesterday that killed two people... even though it involved someone driving the wrong way on the 401.

of course... neither of these two people... or the two rcmp officers... were from peru.

all their stories have to push that rainbows & unicorn agenda.

i miss actual news.


Patsplace said...

At 20' with your opponent armed with a knife, if your pistol is not in your hand with the opponent framed in the sights, you're going to get cut, possibly killed. You're opponent may also die but that is not the agenda. It's called shoot until the thread is gone.

Anonymous said...

I wish people knew how difficult it is to shoot someone in the leg or arm.
When your adrenline is through the roof and you are faced with shoot or be stabbed to death your lucky if you can keep your hand steady enough to hit centre mass.
Hollywood has done policing such a disservice.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that the police are prevented by the SIU from telling their side of the story.
It is also unfortunate that the Toronto Star is only interested in sensational headlines and chooses to interview witnesses that have no idea how dangerous edge weapons are. You can't use pepper spray against an attacker with an edged weapon. Its not always effective. It can blow back into the officers eyes and it's useful range is within the lethal zone of a knife wielding attacker.

Neo Conservative said...

like i said, despite the red star and their man of mystery b.s. -- this was the epitome of a "good shoot".

if police couldn't, under these circumstances, take this guy down... they might as well leave their firearms at the station.