05 February 2012

Canadian trifecta of political correctness...

...missed it... by that much...

"Haitian-born killer taught respect for women by aboriginal elders."
If only this poor dear had a wheelchair... or a learning disability.

Oh yeah... Gregory's little act of disrespect?

He stabbed 15-year-old Tara Manning 51 times.


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...the "War on Stupidity?"


dmorris said...

"However, a spokesperson for the parole board said that "a non-aboriginal offender who has demonstrated a commitment to aboriginal spirituality or way of life" is eligible to apply for an elder-assisted hearing."

I remember when Mulroney appointed Mila's hairdresser to the Immigration Review Board,and there were howl of outrage.

I wish the national Parole Board has as high standards as the IRB. Who in hell are the people who believe such airy-fairy bullshit? And why are we paying them?

Neo Conservative said...

i have only one thing to say about this guy...

"He stabbed 15-year-old Tara Manning 51 times."

weld the cell door shut and make sure abo-gregory never leaves it while he's still breathing.