09 February 2012

Hope, Change and...

...lots of "consideration"...

The United States said it was considering ways to get food and medicine to them - a move that would deepen international involvement in a conflict which has wide geopolitical dimensions and has caused division between world powers.
So who's more useless... the United Nations or the United States?
A Syrian doctor, struggling to treat the wounded at a field clinic in a mosque, delivered an emotional plea via YouTube video. Standing next to a bloody body on a table, the man, named only as Mohammed, said to the camera, and to the outside world:

"We appeal to the international community to help us transport the wounded. We wait for them here to die in mosques. I appeal to the United Nations and to international humanitarian organizations to stop the rockets from being fired on us."
Chalk up another pretty little dance for President McDreamy & Shrillary Clinton.


UPDATE: Dear Barry... what's that smell?
Syria's military has begun stockpiling chemical weapons and equipping its soldiers with gas masks near the city of Homs, opposition sources reported on Thursday.

News agencies reported over 130 killed in Syria on Thursday, as Bashar Assad's government intensified its crackdown on an expanding uprising against his regime.


Anonymous said...

Terrible, but does this mean the opposition will eventually turn into the Muslim Brotherhood once again and Syria will be even worse off.

Neo Conservative said...

wouldn't it be nice if some of the slick pols would just say... look, it's far away, it's dangerous, i don't even know where syria is... instead of all the hopey-changey do-nuthin' bullshit.


jwkozak91 said...

Actually nonny, the Christians and Allawi will turn on the Druze, Kurds and Sunni-Ikhwan in a civil war as bad as Lebanon.

On the bright side, if Syria falls to the Brothers, materiel support for Hizb'allah will vanish. Which is why the commander of the Revolutionary Guards' Qods force is in Damascus advising the regime's crackdown on dissent.

Neo Conservative said...

"jwkozak91 says... materiel support for Hizb'allah will vanish"

ah, yes... the larger picture.

most people seem to be unaware that iran is pulling bashar's strings. thing is, though... if barry o is unable to come out and tell iran "stop playing with nukes or we'll glass your neck of the woods"... why would he have the stones to protect civilians in syria?

he makes hillary secstate to pull her outta contention for 2012... putting personal opportunism over qualifications... and has amply paid back wall st for their support in 2008.

but where is the leadership?