22 February 2012

Seriously, now... it's a "migrant tragedy?"

I wonder how the widow of non-migrant transport driver Chris Fulton feels about that...
chris, who?Ah well, enough blather... here in fuzzy-bunny, politically correct Canauckistan... "diversity" is Job #1 & Only ...

"Over the weekend, she journeyed out to the fateful intersection. She discovered no smoking gun. Only a stop sign that should have prevented the van from entering into oncoming traffic but somehow failed to do so."
The stop sign?!!! You're gonna blame the freakin' stop sign?!!! 'Cos it should have been, what... more forceful? More stoppy?

Or is it just possible... even in a culture that apparently values diversity above common-sense... to apportion some of the blame here to van driver David Blancas-Hernandez?

Yeah, you know... the guy who apparently blew through that stop sign... a man who, in violation of Canadian law, had been driving without the proper license for years.

And what of Chris Fulton, by all accounts a hard-working family man and professional driver... a man who played by the rules and was on his way home to celebrate his wedding anniversary?

Pointedly, he gets mentioned, only once by name... and I quote...
"Chris Fulton, the Canadian truck driver whose rig hit the van."
Well, the inference there seems pretty clear, if not actually libelous.

I guess balanced, "professional" journalism truly is a thing of the past.

Thank you, Globe & Mail.


Frances said...

I agree with the inference - the Canadian is obviously at fault. But isn't that always the way, Neo? Immigrants and non-Canadians are always well intentioned, generious, tolerant, and do right; it's we horrible Canadians (particularly white ones) who cause all the woe in the world.

Note MacLeans had a weepy back page obituary of one of the Peruvians; interesting to see if they'll bother with the same for Mr Fulton.

George said...

Maybe a stop sign in spanish would have been useful.

Anonymous said...

Clearly this wouldn't have happened had it been an ArrĂȘt sign.


Neo Conservative said...

blaming the stop sign for not doing its job... a new low for canada's 'professional' journalists.


Anonymous said...

Listen to yourselves. It's a story about dreams of a a better life being destroyed by a terrible accident. Your wild extrapolation to some self pitying "poor us Canadians" rant is childish.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny shrieks... Your wild extrapolation"

no, nonny... read slower. this story is a fairy tale that totally ignores facts and exploits the death of everyone involved, while hoping to promote yet another diversity fairy tale.

even the guy who blew the stop sign (who also, incidentally, wasn'r even properly licensed) is totally absolved.

"Only a stop sign that should have prevented the van from entering into oncoming traffic but somehow failed to do so."

as for your "dream of a better life"... these people were minimum wage stoop labour brought in to do jobs that canadians don't want to do.

the real point here is... the slanted coverage always reflects that misguided trudeaupian agenda.

fact is... if being a peon chicken chaser in canada is better than anything your country can offer you... what system should we be looking to promote?

you really think we need to be promoting peru here? and blaming inanimate objects for all these deaths?

apparently this isn't the first fatal accident this outfit has suffered.

why didn't that get some media attention?