03 February 2012

Hang on, Mr Prosecutor...

...you're saying, what... the guys with the molotov cocktails... they're the victims?

Man... we've just gotta do something about all those gun-crazy, dumb as dogshit country boys... wait a minute...

"That’s at least 352,000 icky firearms, right in the Toronto Star‘s backyard. For a paper still trying to wrap their minds around a Harper majority and a Rob Ford mayoralty, it’s gotta be a tough pill to swallow."

"I'd bet that every off-duty cop in Canada would have shot the firebombers if it was THEIR house under attack."

"Sounds from the gun nuts here that the penalty for stealing an ipod should be to be shot to death."
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 10:43 PM, February 05, 2012

LAST WORD: Bright lights, big city
Toronto’s two most-recent murder victims will be laid to rest Saturday, while police are busy trying to track down their killers.
I guess that's where Ian Thomson messed up... he survived.


newcenturion said...

Is it any wonder why the average citizen holds the justice system in such contempt?

Neo Conservative said...

as was seen in the recent persecution of toronto grocer david chen, the public are starting to get wise to this lopsided pursuit of justice.


Kai said...

Why would anyone be surprised by this? The Crown would rather prosecute an "evil, barbaric" GUN owner for the crime of owning guns, than thugs trying to kill someone. It is part of the general leftist agenda to disarm the populace, and make the people dependent on the state for everything. It started with education, gained ground through "Puhblic" health care, and is advanced by disarmemnet, and a deliberate skewing of the justice system.

The leftists want the majority of people, who are law abiding to be defenceless, and living in fear. A people who fear criminal attack 9whether the fear is warranted or not), and who have been brainwashed into believing it is more dangerous to defend themselves than do nothing when attacked are a people more easily controlled, and less willing to question the state. it is communism by stealth.

dmorris said...

I'm a long time hunter and gun owner,and this case is near and dear to me.

Thompson showed remarkable restraint in only shooting over the heads of the SOB's who were trying to murder him with fire. I believe most people would have shot to kill,and I'd bet that every off-duty cop in Canada would have shot the firebombers if it was THEIR house under attack.

Now,that post by "Kai", is one of the best comments I've read on the blogs in a long time. Good work!

Neo Conservative said...

the larger question here, as kai points out... is whether ordinary citizens have the right to defend their persons, their family or their property from violent assault.

even in an open & shut case (for example... a house being firebombed) i get all sorts of screechy trolls (c'mon, nonny... i, what... ran over your cat?) about machine guns and "adolph harper".

i swear, i just don't get the pinko rabble.

let's face it, yoko... you turn the other cheek to homicidal thugs... they'll just laugh all the louder as they beat you to your calloused knees.

if you fight back, you may not win... but at least you retain some semblance of pride.


Anonymous said...

Sounds from the gun nuts here that the penalty for stealing an ipod should be to be shot to death.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny mumbles... the penalty for stealing an ipod should be to be shot to death"

oh, nonny... remember... only smoke as much as you need... not as much as you want.


FREE said...

time for us to learn to shoot shovel and shut-up.

let them register my weapons after they pry them from my cold dead fingers.

Neo Conservative said...

well, free... this isn't a hollywood movie. why does it have to involve cold, dead anything?

i'm thinkin' ian thomson handled this situation just fine.


George said...

@anon 10:43
If you are in my house stealing a box of salt you take the consequences.

Neo Conservative said...

"george says... take the consequences."

well, that certainly distills this argument down to a form that anyone should be able to understand... actions have consequences.