17 February 2012

Playing by big city rules

"It’s alleged that Mr. Mark was killed – shot once in the back of his head as he walked to work on Dec. 29, 2009, headphones on — purely and simply because he had broken the code of silence, co-operated with Toronto police and testified in court against Mr. Skeete and his brother in an earlier proceeding."


dmorris said...

From Blatchford's article,I don't see the Crown winning this case.

This is a good lesson to the citizens of Toronto,f*** with the gangsters and you're going to die.

And the gangster will probably get away with it.

Toronto needs an army of Paul Kerseys.

Neo Conservative said...

"dmorris says... f*** with the gangsters and you're going to die."

remember david latchana? of course you don't.

the more artistic/activist members of the "hiphop community" apparently celebrated his death in song...

"Pieters said the threats to kill Latchana were publicly made in two songs accusing the victim of being a snitch."

"One song said, 'don't let me catch you 'cause those guns will spark ... I will find you after dark, I don't give a fuck man, 'cause the time is soft'."

"I'll murder everybody in your family tree."

no idea who paul kersey is... but i bet the people in kenneth marks part of the hood got the message... loud & clear.


dmorris said...

Paul Kersey was the fictional hero of the "Death Wish" series of movies made in the 70's and 80's,starring Charles Bronson as an ordinary citizen whose wife and daughter were raped and murdered by a gang of thugs.

Kersey then takes it on himself to exact revenge. The critics hated it,the audiences loved it,they made four sequels.

A lot of citizens living in high crime cities fantasized about doing the same,although I don't remember any copycat crimes. But the expression,"too bad there isn't a Paul Kersey around" became popular whenever there was another of the type of crime on this post.

We Canadians are generally law-respecting folks,but sometimes....There's a little vigilante in all of us,I suppose.


And no,I've never heard of David Latchana.