28 February 2012

Stop... or I'll yell stop again!!!

Hang on a sec... isn't one of the the definitions of insanity... doing the same thing again & again while expecting different results?

• "The United Nations' main human rights body was set to condemn Syria on Tuesday for using heavy weapons on residential areas and persecuting opponents, its fourth rebuke to Assad in an 11-month uprising." •
Just curious... how many starving children could you feed with the billions of dollars the UN pisses away every year?


UPDATE: Weasel words keep on coming
"Secretary of State Hilary Clinton told a Senate subcommittee that President Bashar al-Assad fits the definition of a war criminal. But, Clinton said, an official designation by the international community may make it more difficult for Assad to step down from power."
I'm guessing that random artillery fire might be making things more difficult for Syrian civilians... but apparently that's not the Obama administrations problem. They just have to pretend to be concerned.

Hope, change and turn the other way.


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Anonymous said...

C'mon, Neo, its a "rebuke". That's almost as bad as Chamberlain's "stiff words", and I'm sure there are draft plans to go all the way to DefCon 5's "extreme disapproval".

But, hey, its not like Syria has oil...

Neo Conservative said...

seems like even russia & china are beginning to acknowledge the slaughter (as of tonight)... but it's a long way from anyone actually doing anything.