15 February 2012

Actually, the bigger question here is...

...when Mini-Pierre establishes his sovereign Empire of Quebec, will his wife be able to keep her Canadian E-Talk gig?
shiny pony on the stump**********


"At least Quebec can get out when Harper makes Canada an unrecognizable fascist police state."
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 1:22 PM, February 15, 2012
Oh nonny, bad timing... looks like Shiny Pony Trudeau just pulled a 180...
"Outside the Commons, an emotional Trudeau declared his love for a united Canada, adding this country is in his bones and every breath he takes."
Well then, that settles that... except, of course, for poor nonny.



Even the leftosphere is devouring its young over this...
"Just finished watching Justin Trudeau’s interview on #PnP. Pierre Trudeau isn’t spinning in his grave, he’s asking for a DNA test."


fernstalbert said...

So, I forced myself to watch Trudeau's non-denial, denial about his "secret" separatist heart's craving - a Canada that does not include Canadians outside Quebec and Ontario. Just when Bob was getting some traction in his rehabilitation of the Liberal Party, Justin, the political pip-squeak, plays "wack a mole". But what the hey - he sucked the oxygen out of the room for the interim leader and that is a good thing. lol

George said...

Poor little Justin. So much to
Iive up to, so little material to work with.

Anonymous said...

His wife? Coulda swore the little twerp is gay.
Guess that's I get for making assumptions based on looks.

Neo Conservative said...

i guess that's what happens when you can coast along on your name... and not actually have to think.


Jen said...

Bob RAE who dove into the pool with Mercer in the nude now says;

From the same article by Tamara Baluja and Bill Curry

In spite of all the drama surrounding the Montreal MP,Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae said: “Mr. Trudeau is always my valentine, every day.”

Mercer and now Trudeau. Bob Rae sure knows how to get around.'

If this was a conservative man oh man cbc will have no end to this story.

Jen said...

More money for Alberta Go Trudeau Go. the bloc is opening their arms to you. Even the ndp are working for Quebec. So really, Trudeau is not alone.

Anonymous said...

At least Quebec can get out when Harper makes Canada an unrecognizable fascist police state.

In that case, I think Quebec should keep the name "Canada" since Harperland will no longer need it anyway.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny shrieks... unrecognizable fascist police state"

deep breaths, nonny... your hero just very publicly, on the steps of parliament, ate all of his previously separatiste cant.

main post updated


Frances said...

What got me was his complete and utter disrespect of other people's values. Where's all the 'tolerance' those of us of the more conservative persuasion are expected to show towards others?