08 February 2012

It was a made for CTV story...

...and they surely milked the shit out of it... poor migrant farm workers, killed en-mass... betrayed by their Canadian dream.

Lisa LaFlamme, heir to the corpse that was Lloyd Robertson... in their lead story on national television last night... called upon not one, but two separate reporters... to make media hay out of the bloody, battered corpses in the demolished van. The subtext of the story was, of course, how these poor people had left their homes & families to be exploited in a foreign uncaring land... and now they were dead.

Lisa & company went as far as to show grieving friends at the crash site (always media gold, right?) and assorted television clips... from Peru.

It seemed pretty obvious what had actually transpired, but CTV never lets the facts get in the way of a good multicultural fable... whether it's brutal cops, sociopathic Canadian soldiers, or bloodsucking capitalist gringos.

In actual fact, though... the blame for this sad tale falls squarely on the driver of the migrant's van.

Police now believe that the crash that killed 11 people on an Ontario rural road happened after 45-year-old David Armando Blancas Hernandez, the driver of a van carrying migrant farm workers failed to yield at a stop sign and got hit by an oncoming trailer truck.

Mr. Blancas needed a class-F licence to operate a 15-seat van but only had a class-G driver's permit, police said.
So, to recap... David Armando Blancas Hernandez, who was not even properly licensed, blew through a stop sign... and caused the deaths of 11 innocent people... what we would usually refer to, in non-CTV circles, as negligent homicide. But heck... where's the pathos in that?

Note also... the story made quick work of the other victim in this tale... Chris Fulton. It was left to Mr. Fulton's employer to speak to his good name.
It appears, his employer Speedy Transport said in a news release Tuesday night, Fulton tried to dodge the van carrying 13 Peruvian farm workers -- and in doing so, lost his life.
Then again... Chris Fulton was just an ordinary Canadian who followed the rules.

And we all know there's no worthy television moral in that story. Right, Lisa?


UPDATE: The eighth stage of grief...

...hire a shyster...
A lawyer representing the families of four of the victims of the crash Monday that claimed 11 lives in southwestern Ontario says he'll explore whether the van the men were riding in had anything to do with the tragic outcome.

"We will be filing the paperwork with the (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) and the police to get more details as to what happened and to explore the liability situation," Toronto lawyer Juan Carranza told Postmedia News on Thursday.
Lemme see... improperly licensed driver... who ran a stopsign... yeah, it's gotta be a DEFECTIVE VAN.

Not much detail (one media report so far) on the other 2004 crash that also killed Peruvian farm workers in the Kitchener area.


Anonymous said...

Finnegan O'Dingle is painfully awful as a reporter.

Frances said...

There's always a sadness in such a tragedy, with so many lives lost and family left bereft. But you are right in that CTV went for immediate sensationalism and sloppy sentimentality.

What was needed, after a proper report which gave due respect to the dead, was a hard look as to why the crash happened. Also, there needs to be some hard questions as to who owned the van and why an unqualified driver was at the wheel. Getting at the truth and using that to prevent future accidents such as this one will be the best possible memorial to the victims.

Anonymous said...

Well said. Thanks

Neo Conservative said...

what i really wanna know is who exactly in the ranks at the cbc & ctv is pushing this trudeaupian agenda.

i don't need this fuzzy-bunny, yoko ono, "everything is beautiful" agenda shoved up my ass a nickel at a time.

when exactly did people give up the right to think for themselves?


Thucydides said...

If you think this sort of reporting is bad, look at how things like the CAW;s closing of the Electromotive plant in London ON or the Occupy "protests were covered.

Not a word about how Electromotive was a US company purchased by another US company (Caterpillar), or that the London plant did not actually make anything, just did final assembly, or even how the CAW would not let the workers see or vote on the offer, nor make a counter offer...

CTV's brightest moment was near the start of the Occupy Toronto or Ottawa "protest" (forgot which one), where a CTV reporter stood in front of a huge CUPE banner while intoning about how the movement was "spontaneous" and "unorganized".

The only bright spot is we don't have to pay for that crap with our tax dollars, and I can quickly change the channel to Sun TV whenever I want.

Telling it like it is said...

At 5:30 in the afternoon, that driver would have been looking squarely into the sun.It has been setting in the southwest the last few nights at precisely the angle that road is situated. At the time of the accident it would have been really low in the sky. Not excusing anyone, just stating a possible reason why the driver didn't stop

Guffman said...

The Ontario government was going on about this too, how their going to have different committees study this accident and release reports on the whole thing. THE GUY RAN A STOP SIGN - END OF STORY. It was simple human error that happens everyday, only this involved a transport truck and a van full of people... a rare and bad combination. Drives me crazy that the government, CTV, CBC and everyone else is making this into way more than it was. Tragic?- yes, but a simple accident nonetheless. Move on!

Neo Conservative said...

"lisa-lickin' nonny says... At 5:30 in the afternoon, that driver would have been looking squarely into the sun."

you guys just crack me up.

funny how all the other hundreds of thousands of motorists out on ontario roads every day have managed not to be similarly blinded (especially on 400 series highways) in the middle of the afternoon rush hour.

but this one guy, on a rural farm road that he presumably drove every day... sorry, nonny... you do all the work for me.

hey, hey... i've got one... it was mike harris.


jwkozak91 said...

Neo asks "who exactly in the ranks at the cbc & ctv is pushing this trudeaupian agenda."

I have a theory - it starts with the former prez and CEO of Baton Broadcasting-CTVglobemedia, Ivan Fecan. According to his Wikipedia article, Fecan spent his formative TV exec years at the Mothercorp from 1987-1994, then moved to CTV from 1994-2011.

Thus, the attitude of CBC in the late '80s - early '90s was transported intact to CTV.

Neo Conservative said...

thus the msm & academia move in suckass politically correct lockstep towards self-immolation.

cbc apparently has a shafia special on friday night... gotta remember to stock up on gravol.