14 February 2012

Poor Leroy Smickle... got himself in a pickle

For right now, anyway, his "crime" is his punishment...

latest poster boy for injustice in canada

"When officers burst in, he was on the couch in boxer shorts, tank top and sunglasses, a pistol in his left hand and a laptop computer in his right, apparently taking pictures of himself looking 'cool' for his Facebook page."
It's funny though, how the same folks cheering Leroy's release... want to crucify Ian Thompson.

Not a mention of "unsafe storage" in Mr Smickle's case.


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"Sending a first-time offender to prison for three years for possessing a loaded gun is 'cruel and unusual punishment,' an Ontario judge ruled Monday in striking down the mandatory minimum sentence as unconstitutional."
Tell me, your Honour... isn't a first-time offender precisely the person you want to make an impression on?

Or do we just wait for another Jane Creba? Or another Kenneth Mark?


"and not only that, there's niggers in the white house! And they're in charge!!"
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 3:56 AM, February 15, 2012
Oh, nonny, you do all the work for me. I think we'll skip over your Nazi Harper stuff, though. Perhaps being up at 4am trolling the blogosphere has popped your cork.

Regardless, I'm sure poor Mr Smickle appreciates your standing up for him against the slings & arrows of racist Canadian society.


LAST WORD: Somehow, guns are less horrifying...

...when the left tries to make a point...
A left-wing freebie newspaper in Toronto, called NOW magazine, has published a photoshopped picture of the conservative mayor, Rob Ford, pointing a gun to his head.

This from a magazine that claims to be against guns and gun violence.

NOW magazine is unimportant to most people, but there is an important point buried amidst its smut: Liberals don’t mind promiscuous suggestions of gun crime, if it’s someone they hate in the crosshairs.


Pissedoff said...

Fire the b*tch, she is there to uphold the law not make it. I can think of all sorts of reasons why I should be allowed to do things illegal all covered by the charter of stupidity. She is not setting any examples as to why people should not break the law. She is unelected and obviously a lefty.

Neo Conservative said...

okay, let's break this down.

is this a legal, registered firearm?

i'm guessing not... which in all probability means it's stolen.

charge 1 - possession of an illegal firearm.

charge 2 - possession of stolen property.

did leroy report his cuz's unregistered, illegal (apparently loaded) and likely stolen firearm, or did he strip down to his skivvies and play "look at me, i'm a badass banger"?

charges 3 & 4 - obstruction of justice & unsafe storage of a firearm.

i'm sure we could go on here... but the judge has spoken.

forget criminality... leroy is a misunderstood, somewhat narcissistic youth who simply likes to play dressup at 2 in the am... with loaded guns.

house arrest, case closed.

what did leroy learn? just one thing... "the cops & the justice system are my bitches."

thank you judge malloy.

p.s. - what happened to leroy's cuz?