15 March 2008

Kevlar Kounty, Ontario

So, tell me again, how Macleans magazine is sayin' the "Centre of the Universe"... is such a safe place to live.

-- TORONTO -- Six people were shot on a Toronto street last night in the Lawrence Heights neighbourhood, police said.

Police said six people were taken to hospital; one victim was in critical condition after being shot in the head and also multiple times in the torso.

UPDATE: The enduring legacy of Lawrence Heights
One of six young men shot in a playground at a Lawrence Heights townhouse complex last night died after taking a bullet to the head.
The victim has been identified as Abdikarim Ahmed Abdikarim, 18, of Toronto.


UPDATE2: Ah, yes... that pesky social contract
The five others wounded in the shootout are believed to be in their 20s and were taken to local hospitals. Three of the victims remained in hospital on Saturday afternoon with non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

A police source told CTV News the surviving victims have not been co-operative with detectives.

Well Toronto if it's not an issue then I guess your Mayor and Dalton have no business calling for a ban on guns now do they?

Its a problem or its not, you can't have it both ways.

LAST WORD: What shooting report would be complete...

Without a little "Red Star" whitewash?
One resident said he heard that the youths were "playing with their guns" when the gunfire broke out just before 10 p.m. in the Dufferin St. and Lawrence Ave. W. area, south of Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

Another said the incident may have been triggered when one gun "accidentally fired"
, prompting others in the group to return gunfire.

Hassan Ainanshe was at work when he heard shooting had broken out next to his home, and rushed back to check on his teenage sons.

"Before it was The Jungle, but we cleaned it up," said Ainanshe, who moved here from Somalia five years ago.

"It's safe now – nothing like this has happened before."
See, Hassan... that's just not true.

The unrelenting violence is actually why residents call this place "The Jungle"... "playing and accidents" notwithstanding.

It's their Red Badge of Stupidity... and they're proud of it.


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Anonymous said...

Still safer than any city in Western Canada... http://www.toronto.ca/quality_of_life/safety.htm

Although, perhaps Toronto's agglomeration, which included all the suburbs, dilutes the violent crime rate.

Anonymous said...

Oh what joy! You get to bash the hated Torontonians.

Here's some math for you:

Toronto has 5 million people, and 100 murders roughly in 2007.

Calgary 1 million people and 30 murders in 2008.

Now, if each murder gets national headlines, the Toronto will get a national headline about every 3-4 days, while Calgary only ever 10 days.

But, using grade 3 math..... we can determine that the murder rate, expressed a deaths per million people, is 50% worse in Calgary at 30 per mil, than in Toronto at 5 per mil.

What part of that is hard to understand?

But don't let reality or math interfere with your glee that another person got killed here today.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I meant Toronto at 20 per mill, with Calgary at 30 per mil...

Dang fast typing.

Crazymamma said...

Well Toronto if it's not an issue then I guess your Mayor and Dalton have no business calling for a ban on guns now do they?

Its a problem or its not, you can't have it both ways

Neo Conservative said...

*"anon says... Toronto has 5 million people, and 100 murders roughly in 2007. But, using grade 3 math..... we can determine..."

perhaps you are referring to what is known as the greater toronto area which extends from oakville to oshawa.

using grade 3 reading... the last time i went to toronto... weeks ago... the big sign said toronto had a little over 2 million people.

but don't let reality or reading comprehension interfere with your feeble attempt to twist what i said.

you and steffi deserve each other.


Anonymous said...

The commies are not wrong in that there are communities in the country that can be shown to have higher average incidents of crime per population. But the commies also don't tell you that those are poor and desparate places with little resources to deal with problems either. Also, the commies don't tell you that in Toronto much crime goes unreported and you are much more likely to be a random victim of a serious crime than anywhere else in this country. Lastly, the commies don't tell you that violent crime is on the increase in Toronto and new types of viscious crimes are also now occuring, unheard of in much of the rest of the country (eg. recent subway swarming robberies in Toronto). A commies wants it both ways, tell the lie but put down the truth that it attacts. I do need to mention that handguns seem to find their way into criminals hands no matter what laws exist. Consider the Russian revolution if you will. (real conservative)

sakara said...

Hey, May be the youths out in Calgary just got a little more training on shooting straighter.
The youts of Toronto should lobby the goverment for firearms training in the school systems. How stupid of me!!!! They are now going to have there OWN schools and this could address there own cultural needs. If the youts of Toronto would learn to shoot better it would stop clogging up the hospitals with all the stupid traumas that they get!

Neo Conservative said...

"sakara says... They are now going to have there OWN schools and this could address there own cultural needs."

let's be clear here... this isn't about race, or skin pigmentation... it's about culture.

more specifically, it's about a growing culture of violence embraced by thugs in big metropolitan cities.

afro-centric schools, which btw, i think are a throwback to segregation... have absolutely no correlation, or connection with these violent acts.

you wanna make race-baiting type remarks... go find lucy warman and dance around with him.


Anonymous said...

segregation is forcing kids into different schools. "afro-centric" is one of the various forms of alternative schools.

"Black focussed" is not at all the same as "whites only".

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... "Black focussed"(sic) is not at all the same as "whites only"."

keep telling yourself that... maybe you'll actually start to believe it.