23 March 2008

Somebody please tell me...

Why someone like Chief Clarence Louie isn't Minister of Aboriginal Affairs...

The 47-year-old chief of B.C.'s Osoyoos Indian Band believes the way the federal government has treated natives is dead-wrong.

"Our people have to get away from that mentality of spending money and start making money," Louie said. "I love creating jobs and I love making money."

"Hard work, not handouts, is the way to solving the criminally high rate of native unemployment, poverty and incarceration," he argues.

Taxpayers of all races (including aboriginals) shell out $10 billion annually
to help an estimated 1 million natives.
Good grief.

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Roughly half of aboriginal Canadians subsist on an annual income of less than $10,000, according to the most recent data; unemployment among aboriginals is 26%, three times the national rate; Statistics Canada calculates that more than half of native kids are living in poverty; ¾ drop out of school before completing Grade 12; the incarceration rate of aboriginal men is 11 times that of non-native men; of women, it is 250 times the rate for non-native women.

LAST WORD: What about Caledonia?
"In recent months, especially, I have been impressed by how ordinary citizens have taken it upon themselves to report the story that the media at-large has ignored."


Rose said...

He isn't alone in his beliefs, I've had online debates with natives who are as progressive as he is. Their voice is shouted down by those that want to continue sucking on the public tit instead of merging their culture with the rest of Canada. Fair enough let us settle the land claims and let them lead themselves without another nickle of Taxpayers funds.

I have nothing but respect for the Native People and their Culture, I wish the majority felt the same way about Canadians and our culture.

Progressive Natives are called Apples, a racial slur implying that they are red on the outside and white on the inside. If Natives can't air their progressive views how can we solve their issues of poverty, alcohol abuse, domestic violence and substance abuse and cronic poverty and lack of employment? It seems hopeless.

Anonymous said...

Why he would even consider entering politics where he would not be allowed to speak so freely?

Has any party asked him to run? Who is the MP where he is, Stockwell Day?

Reg said...

Cheif Louie is on the 10 Canadians making a diffence list over at Spinks (101 People Screwing Up Canada) blog. The posts at DMB are based on an original post from The Black Rod that they\he\she did a while back.

Neo Conservative said...

this guy is a breath of fresh air on the aboriginal scene.

it's hard to imagine that anyone, native or non, could not be inspired by what clarence louie has thus far accomplished.

so why exactly is it, that the janie jamiesons and shawn brants get all the attention in their communities?


Anonymous said...

Another good guy is Darcy Bear of the White Cap Sioux south of Saskatoon.

langmann said...

Hey what do you mean? The whole reserve system has been working extremely well for what it was designed to do: "Degrade a goup of people by taking away all their ability to support themselves until such a time as they go extinct."

That's what the colonials had in mind. Somehow along the way the Liberals turned that racist program into their little social experiment.

And we have seen just how well it works. In fact its probably the best example of how socialism is a complete and utter failure.

Time to get rid of apartheid, I mean the reserves.

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... "Degrade a group of people by taking away all their ability to support themselves until such a time as they go extinct.""

of course... it wouldn't work without the aboriginal leadership's complicity.

chief louie is one of the few aboriginal leaders who wants to effect a real change.

one society... one law... one people... if they think they're up to it.


HammertimeGP said...