26 March 2008

They're not really Jihadis...

They're just good ol' boys like you and me.

-- BRAMPTON, ONT. -- Call it the double-double defence: Would dangerous jihadists take a break from their winter training camp to warm up inside a Tim Hortons?
Yup... sounds like a pretty typical bunch of hosers - doing what any red-blooded Canadian lads would be doing in their spare time.

Well, you know... except for the bits about attacking Parliament, beheading the PM and detonating a massive truck bomb.

But hey, nobody's perfect.


UPDATE: Red Star hops on defense bandwagon

Apparently, Toronto's pinkest paper... overlooking such geniuses as Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr. and Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme... is buying into the "dumber than a bag of hammers" defense strategy...
"Now we know where the evidence for that spectacular allegation came from – a conversation in a car during a 10-hour drive back to Toronto from the Northern Ontario settlement of Opasatika where the government claims (implausibly to anyone who has ever been to the tiny community) the alleged plotters hoped to establish a jihadist training camp."

"The suspects seem unsure as to just who the Prime Minister is that they are apparently conspiring to behead. One thinks it's "Paul um what's his name – Paul loser (former prime minister Paul Martin). Another is sure (correctly as it turns out) that Harper is the man."

"Are these the words of an Al Qaeda fanatic? A rabid Protestant? A management consultant?"

"From the evidence, it is hard to tell."


Honey Pot said...

They are using the defense that the terrorist, are not smart enough to be terrorist.

I gather they are saying, your IQ has to be soaring, for you to have enough smarts about you to strap a bomb on your body, and go into a public place to kill innocent people.

Only the death cult of islam could produce such a horde of evil, dumber than dogshit, followers.

Neo Conservative said...

"Honey Pot said... They are using the defense that the terrorists, are not smart enough to be terrorist."

apparently, that's good enough for the toronto 'red' star.


Rose said...

Quote from honey pot: They are using the defense that the terrorist, are not smart enough to be terrorist.

LOL if that were the case Israel could live in peace, most of the suicide bombers from Palestine are dumber than a sack of hammers. Well they are, the ole Islamist guard send their children, wives, mothers, sons etc to die for Allah yet those filthy cowards never strap a bomb on their hairy bodies do they? The leaders/Imams might be smart enough to convince others to die for Allah but they never die for Islam or Allah. Smart and cowardly.

Are these young men a threat to Canada, yes they are. Just because they weren't sure who the PM was at the time doesn't mean they weren't willing to kill many for their unholy cause.

James Goneaux said...

Never mind the Star, they are just proving that the MSM is basically clueless about most things. Its like Future Shop, where the guy selling you a computer could have been selling vacuum cleaners last week. This week's "terrorism expert" was last week's "medical expert" and will be reporting on dog shows next week. Honest media types will admit that they only reason their copy exists is to help space out the car ads.

Besides, the typical Star reader believes that our highly trained and motivated soldiers are basically dumb thugs anyway, so it fits their perception.