28 March 2008

Yeah... you dumbass con...

I feel your pain...

Is it a deterrent against bad behavior, or a way to keep weapons out of the hands of violent inmates?

Some prisons are serving inmates Nutraloaf, a blocky mash of ingredients that provides all the nutrients growing convicts need to thrive — and can be eaten without a fork or a knife.
Now... shut up and eat.



Layla said...

GOOD! now there's less incentive for criminals to jail! :)


Anonymous said...

Still too good for them.

Anonymous said...

Two words:


Kills two birds with one stone.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Soylent. Green."

probably what's fueling all those chinese prison factories.

economic miracle, my ass.


Rose said...

The inhumanity of you conservatives, have you no feelings "Nothing more than feelings and hot air between the lefts' ears feelings" where is your compassion.

Ha, ha just kidding. If I had my way they'd be growing their own food, raising their meat and working on our highways eight hours a day with two breaks for water. I'm fed up with the coddling of criminal scum, we've tried "Punishment and Rehabilitation" it didn't work. We've never been allowed (yep the leftards stopped this idea) to try "Punishment and retribution". Image holding criminals accountable for their actions. I know back to the "Feelings" brain washing line for me.

syncrodox said...

Hi Halls

It has been a bit since I commented here.....so here goes...

I'm an ex con...I also started and ran a get yer ass to work program for ex cons because when I went to an unnamed ngo for the first time in my life they had nothing to offer...Fortunately the man I talked to that day had some compassion and enough smarts to listen to the consumer.

Together we built a highly successful program that reduced recidivism through opportunity and personal responsibility.

Man up buttercup.

Unfortunately the administration of unsaid ngo were not congruent with this philosophy.

Advocacy has much more cache than results.

Finally....It matters not what you eat.....it matters if you earned it.

That goes anywheres....


Blazing Cat Fur said...

I swear you can get that stuff at Costco.

Anonymous said...

I wish I worked at the place that made the Nutraloaf. I'd bake a few with files in them. (Plastic files) :P fuk u jail bird.

Neo Conservative said...

"syncrodox said... It matters not what you eat.....it matters if you earned it."

and everyone makes mistakes... what matters is that you learn something from it... and move forward with your life.

which you, my friend, have obviously done.