27 March 2008

I understand Justice MacKenzie...

Is also working on a ruling... to repeal the "law of gravity."

-- VANCOUVER -- A B.C. judge has ruled that a full-patch member of the Hells Angels and two associates are not members of a criminal organization in a trial that was a key test of the recent federal anti-gang legislation.

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-- DALLAS -- The city cannot shut down a Dallas strip club just because a 12-year-old danced nude there.

"There's a laundry list of things we can use to deny or revoke a license, but having a 12-year-old dancing in their establishment is not one of the things that automatically enables us to revoke their license," said Lt. Christina Smith, a Dallas police vice unit commander who oversees licensing of such establishments.

LAST WORD: More stupid lawyer tricks
"Defence lawyer Greg Lafontaine said that Allen was a young man when he committed the crime and has matured behind bars.

He argued that Allen’s previous convictions of assault and threatening death, though serious, do not approach the level of violence of the shooting."


Anonymous said...

This is complete bullshit. Hey Damian and other blogging members of the legal community when the F&&K are *YOU* going to say something about these f%%king A$$holes on the bench?

Oh wait, that's right - never.

Neo Conservative said...

hey, cherniak's a lawyer... anybody ask him how he feels about it?


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the neibors of this judge and defence lawyer will show their "appreciation" in appropriate and creative ways. I would suggest such "appreciation" be shown at 3 am and quietly.

Its pretty obvious that other lawyers (even ones who CALL themselves conservative) don't give a rat's ass about judges who pick any lame excuse to turn an offender loose.

Rich said...

In my opinion, our justice system is hands-down the single most damaging part of the makeup of our country.