27 March 2008

Child sacrifice

It ain't just for crazy jihadis...

On the night the protest began, as the blockades were erected and police readied themselves for a showdown, Kelley was behind the barricades with the Mohawk protesters. She said it took some convincing, but they finally agreed to let her stay with them behind their barricade lines.

The documentary also shows that Mohawk leader Shawn Brant had children at the blockades. The inclusion of the youth in the events was meant to show them that they too "may have to someday stand up and fight for what they believe in," Kelley's documentary quotes Brant.
Remember... this is the same Shawn Brant who warned OPP honcho Julian Fantino... that the aboriginals had firearms at the blockade... and were prepared to use them that night... a fact that is curiously absent from reporter Susanna Kelley's account here.
Asked if children in the protest perimeter was proper, in her experience, Kelley said, "As a journalist I'm non-judgmental about these types of things. That's up to the public to decide."
Hey, Susanna... let me help you out here... "dropping children into the middle of a potential firefight?"

It's not acceptable... EVER.



Crazymamma said...

Gives a whole new meaning to bring your kids to work days.

susanna kelley said...

hi there. susanna kelley here.

just a gentle correction: the documentary indeed did include a clip of brant saying the warriors had weapons nearby and would use them if fired upon. give a second listen - it was right near the top of the documentary.

as for not being judgemental, would you rather journalists be biased and take a side? that's not our role, at least of a professional journaist. we're there to present factual, solid information to the public so they can decide for themselves.

Neo Conservative said...

susanna... thx for the clarification.

say... how about a follow-up programme that, instead of trying to turn mr brant into some sort of folk hero... examines some of his extra-curricular activities?

because presenting only one side of an issue... the sin of omission, if you will... is bias personified.