30 March 2008

Maple Syrup Update - Day 3

No boiling today... but we had another pretty good haul of sap late in the afternoon.

Got on the scoreboard, as of last night, with one beautiful bottle of the best maple syrup anybody could hope for.

Some anxious moments near the end, as we were afraid of creating another batch of maple sugar. Today we also picked up a candy thermometer.

We'll see if it gets any easier to work that maple magic tomorrow.



justfrank said...

Neo, Mrs.justfrank, Rampaige, Conman and myself used to go to the Maple Syrup roundup. Not this year, Conman is at Canadian Armed Forces Base Trenton. We miss him, and worry too. Call me whackadoodle, but i kinda miss that family maple syrup round-up.

justfrank said...

Hey Neo, would it be cool if you bottled a sample of that syrup for my friend at work, her daughtor is due to have her boots on the ground in khandahar in Febuary 2009. If it is OK with you, the Troops sure would love to taste some of that syrup!?

Anonymous said...

justfrank...what a wonderful idea!Let's make it a campaign!I'm in!
neo...what would it take to make this a bigger effort?


Neo Conservative said...

not to be a downer here... but, so far, our entire output has been a single bottle of syrup. this first year is kind of a learning experience for us.

but... there's a whole bunch of maple syrup festivals going on all around ontario and quebec... maybe someone can approach them about sending some syrup overseas to the troops?