24 March 2008

Paging Jeremiah Wright...

"Here's the biggest thing we 'racists' notice."

"Every single immigrant group that ever came to America -- including the Chinese who came as railroad slaves -- has risen out of poverty and want to achieve prosperity and respect."

"The Irish, the Italians, the Polish, the Jews, the Koreans, the Vietnamese."

"Every group but you."

"And you're the only group we fought a war to free..."

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To the inevitable fuzzy-bunny shitstorm.
UPDATE 3/23. Well, well, well. First things first. Glenn Reynolds did not link to this post, so leave him alone. Second, all you Nazis and white supremacists can go straight to hell; you can't read any better than Glenn Greenwald. Third, Althouse was right (I won't sully her rep by linking her) when she speculated that I'm too old to care what people think of me.

As for the rest of the pious bloggerites of the left and right who have been so quick to label this a "racist rant," my only retort to you is laughter.

You are determined to build for yourselves a nonsense world made out of delusions that will continually frustrate and defeat you because you are incapable of being honest about matters which are truly complex and in which no one on any of the innumerable "sides" is free of guilt, wrongdoing, and responsibility.

I pity you. Because you're the ones who will have to live with the consequences of your own deep personal dishonesty, your transparent projections, and your fearful sycophancy. Not me. So leave me out of it too, and see if you can have that discussion you think you want among yourselves.

Good luck with that.


betsy784 said...


Things take a slightly different perspective when viewed in the right context.

Whether one agrees with Reverend Wright or not, it seems to me that he has been unfairly demonized to make a media controversy.

Watch Rev. Jeremiah Wright's 9-11 sermon in context on youtube and decide.


Jeremiah Wright's God Damn America in context on youtube


Fred - said...

the core of the problem.

"We're owed, they're not"


Its the truly Liberal notion of being entitled to their entitlements.

Anonymous said...

Slightly OT, but where does anyone get the idea Chinese railroad workers were slave labour? They were cheap labour, sure, fairly contracted, and by their standards, coming to the Golden Mountain meant making a pile so they could go home, afford a wife, have a family and be the pater familias they all dreamed of being. Some stayed and thrived, some stayed and didn't, some went back to China to fulfil their dream, others to continued misery. In South Africa, they were deported once the railway building was done - at least they had a choice in Canada, the later head taxes and Emily Murphy notwithstanding.

Rose said...

Obama is a racist bigot, his star struck fans can dress a pig up in a ball gown but it's still a pig. His association for twenty years with a Raving Hatefilled Racist Pig makes him equally as vile. I'd walk out of a church that preached such hatred of Blacks and other groups yet Obama sat quietly and listened to "Hate Speech".

If a white person espoused such racist filth they'd be inprisoned under "Hate Laws" all the whilst the left would be screaming for the white's man's blood. The left's hypocrisy is absolutly stunning.

Blacks can preach hatred, but whites must remain silent as they get victimized. And they want this racist pig to lead a world Super Power, god help Canada.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry i haven't replied to any of this... but my isp has been down all day.

because i'm on dialup... i don't youtube unless i'm at the library... so betsy if you have a point... pls use words.

and rose... i've seen nothing to indicate that obama himself is a bigot... but like you, i don't understand how he refuses to repudiate jeremiah wright.

the irony here is that the first black man with an actual shot at the presidency... has likely been torpedoed by the man who runs his church... his spiritual counsellor... who married obama and baptised his kids.

if hillary becomes the democratic nominee, she owes it all to jeremiah wright.


James Goneaux said...

Let's see if I get this right:

- Warren Kinsella supports Obama

- Obama's minister, close friend and mentor gives Louis Farrakhan an award

- Farrakhan isn't, to put it mildly, a friend of Israel

- Kinsella IS a friend of Israel

- anyone who defends a nazi's right to free speech is a nazi according the Kinsella

- does this mean Kinsella will give up his nice little earner from the Canadian Jewish Congress and start gettin' the hate on for Hebrews, to support Obama?

Or am I missing something?